A Quick Guide to Medical Malpractice Claims

A tremendous volume of surgical procedures are performed each year in the United States. The National Hospital Care Survey, NHCS, reports that in 2006 an estimated 53.3 million surgical and non-surgical procedures were performed during the 34.7 million ambulatory surgery visits. The term “ambulatory” means performed on an outpatient basis where the patient does not… Continue Reading

Are You Entitled to Maintenance and Cure Benefits?

If you work aboard ships you face unique workplace challenges such as rough seas, cold temperatures, cramped work space, long hours, and limited access to medical assistance. To offset these dangers, the general maritime law requires employers to pay maintenance and cure benefits to seamen who are injured or become ill while working aboard a… Continue Reading

Why Hiring the Right Car Accident Attorney Can Be Your Game-Changer

Personal injury attorneys advertise in every possible media type — whether by television commercials, digital marketing, phone books, radio ads, the paper sack that comes with your medications from the pharmacy, direct mailing, word of mouth, and the personal referral of past clients.  The reason for the vast coverage is that this field is competitive…. Continue Reading