Top Five Injuries that Result From Car Accidents

Page ContentsFive Common Car Accident Injuries1. Whiplash2. Head and Brain Injuries3. Leg Injuries4. Chest / Abdomen Injuries5. Post Traumatic Stress DisorderContact a Personal Injury Attorney While cars are an excellent resource for many people today, misuse of these vehicles can result in major accidents that cause personal injuries. There are a number of possible injuries… Continue Reading

How to Know When Your Car Accident Injury Warrants a Personal Injury Attorney

Page ContentsMeet With An Experienced Personal Injury AttorneyReview the Details of Your Car AccidentProtect Your Interests By Negotiating with Insurance Companies Many people who get injured in a car accident feel overwhelmed by the calls and letters from the insurance companies, the process of getting their car fixed or replaced, and dealing with the medical… Continue Reading

Announcing Our Participation in the Pacific Marine Expo 2018

Page ContentsAn Introduction to the Pacific Marine ExpoWho is Attending the Event?What Can You Expect from the Pacific Marine Expo 2018?More Than 450 ExhibitorsEducation Sessions and Product DemonstrationsFisherman of the Year ContestsIndustry BookstoreLive Shows and EntertainmentVisit the Russell & Hill Booth for Answers to Maritime Law Questions Russell & Hill, PLLC is proud to announce… Continue Reading

Pros and Cons of Hiring a Private Criminal Defense Attorney, Self-Representation, and Public Defense

Page ContentsThree Options For RepresentationRepresent YourselfPublic DefenderCriminal Defense AttorneyHire an Everett Criminal Defense Attorney If you find yourself receiving a summons in the mail telling you that you’ve been charged with a crime and that you need to appear in court, there are probably a lot of thoughts going through your head. Toward the top… Continue Reading