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Some Tips For Marysville Truck Drivers To Prevent Injuries From Foggy Weather

Posted on June 17, 2020Posted By Russell Hill

Driving in foggy weather can create significant hazards for every driver on the roadway. This is particularly true for those who operate large trucks. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our truck accident attorneys in Marysville want to discuss some tips that large truck drivers can use to prevent accidents when they are driving through foggy weather.

Tips for truck drivers in foggy Washington weather

Some of these tips will be applicable to all drivers in foggy weather. However, due to the size and weight of large commercial trucks, it is vital that truck drivers heed these tips.

  1. Be continually aware of changing weather conditions. Fog in and around Marysville can be patchy. Sometimes the fog is thick; other times it is relatively light. The problem is that sometimes there is no way to predict how quickly fog will become thick and decrease visibility. Truck drivers should be continually ready to reduce their speed in foggy weather.
  2. Pullover if you can. If fog is particularly thick, find a truck stop or rest area to stop and wait for the fog to thin out.
  3. Follow all traffic signs and any fog-related warning signs.
  4. Always slow down before entering an approaching foggy area.
  5. Do not use high beams. All drivers should use their low beams and fog lights to ensure they have the best visibility. Even if it is foggy during the day, drivers should still turn on their low beams.
  6. Watch out for other drivers on the roadway, particularly those who may not have their lights turned on.
  7. Consider using your emergency flashers. If you turn on your four-way flashers, this will give approaching drivers an even better chance to see your truck.
  8. Watch out for vehicles on the side of the road. In heavy fog, many drivers often choose to pull to the side of the road to wait for clearer conditions.
  9. Keep an eye on road-side reflectors. You can use these as guides to determine any approaching curves in the road.
  10. Listen to traffic reports and what other truck drivers are saying about the fog across the CB radio.
  11. Avoid passing other vehicles in foggy weather. There is no reason to add other dangers on top of an already precarious situation.
  12. Do not stop on the side of the road unless it is absolutely necessary to do so. This can lead to dangerous rear-end collisions if drivers mistake a well-lit tractor-trailer as another lane for them to drive on.

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