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Bicycling is fun, healthy, challenging, and it is environmentally friendly. These are just a few of the reasons that more and more Federal Way residents are choosing to leave their cars at home and take their bicycles to work instead. While there are certainly substantial benefits to bicycling instead of driving, there is a specific downside: bicycle accidents.

The accidents that our Federal Way bicycle accident attorneys frequently see are often caused by poor and dangerous road conditions or careless/reckless drivers. Bicyclists deserve safe road conditions and they deserve to be treated with respect on the road. If you have sustained injuries in a bicycle accident caused by someone else, contact our bicycle accident experts at Russell & Hill, PLLC to schedule a consultation.

What we do

After we meet with you and decide together to go forward with your case, we will begin our investigation to strengthen and build your case, participate in settlement discussions, and take your case to trial, if necessary. See below for a more detailed explanation.

  • Injuries and damages – It is important to gather all of your records relating to your injuries and property damage. We will likely advise that you not repair nor dispose of damaged property, especially your bicycle and helmet.
  • Video – We always look for accident video because it seems as though cameras are recording everywhere these days. Whether it is your own helmet camera or if we can find footage from nearby businesses or residences with security cameras, we will find video if it exists.
  • Witnesses and reports – We will interview accident witnesses and review accident reports to help build your case and determine if there are any potential red flags that may harm your case.
  • Experts – We will often hire medical experts to help with the injury part of your case. Experts can conduct independent medical evaluations, review medical records, and testify at trial when necessary. We will use medical experts to help value your injuries and to strengthen our negotiations with insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies – Insurance companies can be difficult to deal with, especially without an attorney. Insurance companies may try to trick you into saying something to show that you were at fault in the accident or they may try to lowball their offer to you hoping that you do not know what damages you are entitled to under Washington law.
  • Trial – We are trial lawyers and we like trials. We know that a large number of our clients would rather settle out of court and we understand that. We are expert negotiators and we often do settle out of court, but when insurance companies are not being reasonable with their offers and are not willing to fully compensate you for your injuries and damages, we will recommend taking your case to trial.

If you or a loved one has sustained injuries in a bicycle accident caused by someone else’s careless or reckless conduct, contact our Federal Way bicycle accident attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC for a review of your case. You deserve to be compensated for all you have suffered and we will work to see that it happens.

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