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Car Accident Lawyers: Everything You Need to Know

Posted on : October 28, 2016Posted By : Russell HillPosted In : Car Accident

We all know the question when hiring a car accident attorney is, “How do you find a good attorney who will fight for you and get fair value for your claim?”

This is the same question, in a different context, that we ask ourselves when hiring anyone outside our own area of expertise. Think about the last time you hired a mechanic, a contractor, or a primary care provider. How did you make that decision? Were you happy with the person you hired?

Personal Injury Lawyer

The process to hire a car accident attorney is really the same as it is in those other areas. I believe there are two components to consider. First, you should, of course, look at the objective factors, such as the attorney’s experience with your kind of case and his or her grasp of the subject matter.

Second, consider whether you have a personal connection with the attorney. Asking whether you like the attorney is a very important question because you are going to need to spend a significant amount of time working with the attorney — perhaps for a year or more — before your claim is resolved.

One question you could consider asking an attorney you are thinking about hiring is, “Why do you handle personal injury cases?” Any attorney who puts himself or herself against insurance companies and corporate interests for a living must have a reason.

Most car accident attorneys will meet with you for a no charge consultation. To get the most benefit out of that consultation, make sure you do what you can to be prepared.

Preparing to Meet with Your Car Accident Attorney

Getting ready to speak with an attorney regarding a car accident is important. Gather the available documentation related to your accident. This does not mean you have to call all the insurance companies and ask for documents. In fact, you should not call the “other side’s” insurance company.

It does mean that you should have a copy of your car insurance card, health insurance card, letters from the insurance companies you have received, and the police report or traffic exchange report. If you have pictures of your vehicle, the other vehicle, and your injuries, bring these as well. If the witnesses are not identified in the police report, bring their information along too.

When to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer

Another important question is, “When should I hire an attorney for my car accident personal injury claim?”

The answer is that you should, at a minimum, consult an attorney within the first few days following the car accident. In discussing the case with the attorney, you will know whether the attorney thinks you should hire an attorney right away.

There are many great benefits to hiring a car accident lawyer early. By hiring an attorney right away, you will be informed about all the traps set by insurance companies and, hopefully, avoid them by being educated early on.

You will also get the benefit of the attorney’s efforts to preserve evidence that may be gone forever if you wait too long to hire an attorney.

After you have hired an attorney, try to have some contact with the attorney and his or her office at least every 30 days, and update your attorney every time you receive a letter or update from your doctor or insurance company. Updates would also include new medical providers, newly diagnosed conditions, or significant life changes.

Work With Car Accident Lawyers Who Care

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