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Any list of the world’s most dangerous occupations would be remiss if it failed to include the construction worker, since construction accidents occur daily—and with frequency. Hundreds of thousands of construction laborers, roofers, heavy equipment operators, and other construction workers are injured every year in our country. In fact, the Occupational Safety Health Administration notes that there are approximately 37,000 construction accidents deriving from just the use of nail guns each and every year. One might say that any construction job site is an accident waiting to happen, with perils at every turn. If you have been injured while working in construction, you need an advocate in your corner to help you put the pieces back together. Our Tacoma construction accident attorney has helped many clients just like you get compensated for their injuries so that they can move on with their lives.

Construction work is akin to a perfect storm for injuries and accidents. Worker are working usually outdoors, and often in bad or inclement weather. They are wielding dangerous tools with sharp edges and cutting blades or heavy equipment with lots of crushing force. To make things worse, many jobs are done at extreme heights and often around chemicals that are highly flammable or toxic to breathe. And no matter how strictly construction workers strive to stick to the protocol for safety set out by OSHA, accidents still happen. Some construction practices are deadlier than others, including:

  • Demolition work: Flying debris, falls, burns and electrocution are not unusual when tearing down a building or other structure.
  • Roofing: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics notes that roofing is the most dangerous of all construction occupations. Roofers have the greatest rate of fatality, with nearly 48 deaths per 100,000 employed in the sector.
  • Use of heavy equipment: Ill-trained or inattentive heavy equipment operators are often a source of injury or accident, both to themselves and others.
  • Use of power tools: An array of power tools meant for cutting, grinding, welding and demolishing can be scary and dangerous in the wrong hands or under the wrong conditions.
  • Working from heights: As many as 50 percent of construction-related deaths occur due to accidental falls.

Construction Accident Compensation

While minor accidents in construction are payable under worker’s compensation, a serious accident requires representation by an experienced attorney. In some cases, accepting benefits under worker’s comp may rule out your option to seek the true compensation you deserve. Always get a legal opinion before you accept any sort of benefit following your accident. Your attorney can help you collect damages for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and more.

Consulting With a Construction Accident Attorney

Big insurance companies are rarely willing to hand over their money without a fight, and from day one of your injury, you can be assured that their adjusters and attorneys have been devising strategies to settle your claim for far less than it’s worth. Count on Russell and Hill to advocate, negotiate and litigate on your behalf to get you every dollar due to you. Contact our construction accident attorney now to schedule your no-cost case review and consultation today.

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