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If you are a construction worker in Coeur d’Alene and were injured on the job site that you were working on, you may be entitled to more than you think. This can include a third-party bodily injury claim and may mean that you can receive workers’ compensation benefits.

When you are covered by workers’ compensation, you are not able to sue your employer if you are hurt on the job. In the case of construction work, there is always a chance that you could have suffered an injury that was caused by a third party, which can include negligence from general contractors, property owners, or the subcontractors involved in your work. This can even include defects in tools and machinery that you were using.

If you believe that your injuries were fully or partially caused by a third party, you have the right to file a personal injury claim against that third party in Coeur d’Alene.

Construction Site Accident Claims in Coeur d’Alene

We handle every one of our clients’ cases with the same dedication, hard work, and passion, and our attorneys have resolved dozens of third-party injury claims involving construction site accidents.

Here’s a recent example of a client we represented. Our client was a plumber who had slipped and fallen on drywall material. In the beginning, he thought he had no grounds to file a claim because of workers’ compensation laws. However, we were able to win his case by proving that a third party involved was responsible for his injury by identifying negligence on part of the drywall company, not our client’s employer.

Another example is a client of ours who was injured at a construction site. He stepped backward into a stairwell and fell flat on his back on the floor below. He did not think that he was eligible to file a claim because he had already collected the benefits of his workers’ compensation from his employer. However, we also found in this case that a third party was responsible for his injury because of the absence of guard railing around the stairwell.

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