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Kent is a growing city and our landscape is changing. Thanks to forward thinking city leaders and real estate developers, construction projects are ongoing throughout the city all year around. While this is productive for our city’s progress and culture and it brings job security for construction workers, construction work also brings construction accidents. Construction accidents are unfortunately, very common and the injuries sustained are often very severe. If you or a loved one has been injured at a construction site, contact our Kent construction site accident attorneys to schedule a consultation. Liability and recovery issues for construction accidents can be complicated and you need expert representation to ensure you receive a full and fair recovery for your injuries and damages.

Common construction accidents, injuries, and damages

  • Electrocutions
  • Falls
  • Struck by construction vehicles or equipment
  • Run over by construction vehicles
  • Stuck in collapsing structures
  • Pinned between objects
  • Struck by falling debris
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Overturned construction vehicles and equipment

Injuries from construction accidents may include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, loss of limbs, spinal cord injuries, disability, disfigurement, and death. These and other injuries that you may sustain in a construction accident can be life changing and require expensive accommodations. If you are unable to work again or your earning capacity is limited due to injury disability, your family’s financial stability may be severely impacted.

Multi-party liability and recovery

If you were injured on the job, you are likely entitled to workers’ compensation, but work comp awards are rarely enough to cover all of your injuries and damages. This is why it is important to determine and prove any third party liability. Recovering from a third party generally allows you additional recovery options and compensation. Third parties in construction accidents may include another driver in a motor vehicle accident, subcontractors, contractors, property managers, and project owners who are not employed by your employer.

It is extremely important to hire an attorney to handle these claims for you because they can be complicated and they have very specific filing requirements. It is also important to be sure you have spoken with an attorney before you speak with any potentially liable insurance companies. They often try to get to you before you hire an attorney with the hope that you will sign off on a quick settlement for an amount of money that is far below the value of your claim.

Wrongful death and survival actions

If you have lost a loved one in a construction accident, Washington provides for recovery in some circumstances under wrongful death claims and survival actions. Wrongful death claims may be brought by certain close family members as a way to recover for the injuries and damages they have suffered due to losing their loved one. In cases where the decedent survived for any amount of time after the accident occurred, a survival action may sometimes be brought in order to recover for the injuries and damages the decedent sustained prior to his or her death.

We know construction accidents are often incredibly painful, emotional, and life changing and this is why our Kent construction site accident attorneys with Russell & Hill, PLLC are passionate about seeking recovery for construction accident victims. We will work to see that all liable parties are held accountable so that you receive maximum recovery for your suffering.

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