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At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our attorneys help people resolve issues related to ERISA & Long-Term Disability income. We handle a wide variety of legal matters related to SSI and SSDI and have the knowledge and skills to assist people who have experienced a denied or delayed ERISA claim as well.

Long-Term Disability Benefits Under ERISA

Many people have long-term disability insurance policies as part of their employer-provided benefits package. Such benefits are governed by the regulations established by the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). People seldom think about such policies until they need to obtain benefits and are denied.

How We Can Help With Your ERISA & Long-Term Disability

Our attorneys are often asked whether a person who receives benefits under an employer-provided long-term disability policy can also receive SSDI payments. We can advise you based on the specifics of your disability policy terms and conditions.

Like SSDI and SSI claims, ERISA claims require extensive medical documentation to make the case for disability. Our law firm is particularly skilled at documenting disability cases. We make sure that clients are seen by the correct treating physician, collect all the required medical records and consult with vocational experts. We are adept at dealing with the insurance companies who write ERISA-governed policies. Their job is to protect the bottom line by denying claims. Our job is to help clients get the maximum payments as quickly as possible if they have become disabled and are unable to work.

In some cases, long-term disability policies require individuals to first apply for SSDI benefits. Our attorneys help clients assemble the required documentation for such claims, and are with them for the entire process, from initial claim to reconsideration hearing to appeal.

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