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How to Prevent Slip & Falls on Your Property in Winter

Posted on : October 12, 2022Posted By : Russell HillPosted In : Slip And Fall

Winters can get fairly cold in Washington State. It’s not uncommon for our state to be hit with snow and ice this time of year as well.

This is something you need to prepare for if you own any type of property. When ice and snow accumulate, it’s your responsibility to ensure that guests (and anyone else who have a legal right to be on the property, such as employees) aren’t in danger of being injured as a result of slipping on ice or being involved in any other such avoidable accident.

Tips to prevent accidents on your property in winter include the following:

Be Ready

Don’t get caught in a winter storm without deicing agents, shovels, and other such items you might need in order to remove ice and snow from walkways on your property. Buy these items ahead of time (and make sure they’re still in good condition) this season.

Look Above

Many property owners are so focused on addressing ice and snow that have accumulated on the ground that they forget there may be hazards above that also need to be addressed. For example, ice hanging from gutters can break off and cause injury. Safely remove these icicles before someone gets hurt.

Invest in Special Equipment

Along with the basic winter readiness items you may need to purchase, consider equipping your home with special items that can prevent safety hazards from developing in the first place.

For example, you could install heating cables in your gutters to prevent ice dams. There are also new products you can apply to driveways, walkways, and other such surfaces that stop ice from accumulating more effectively than traditional deicing agents. These products are safe for humans and pets, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally causing harm when you were trying to prevent it.

Clean Your Gutters

If your gutters are clogged, ice dams can form and water can overflow into the areas below, where it may freeze in winter. Avoid this by cleaning your gutters regularly.

Doing so also ensures that your gutters serve their purpose: directing water away from your home. This guards against such headaches as water damage, mold growth, etc.

Invest in Winter Safe ‘Mat’ Walkways

Some companies now offer rollout mats or carpets made of non-skid material that are designed to be placed over walkways when snow and ice accumulate. They’re no substitute for removing snow and ice from these surfaces, but they can boost everyone’s safety until you’ve finished shoveling and getting rid of ice.

However, even if you take steps like these, it’s important to remember that others might not be as responsible as you are. You may thus be involved in a slip and fall or similar accident on someone else’s property this winter if they’re negligent.

You could file a claim to seek compensation for your medical bills and other such losses if this happens. For more information about your options, discuss your case with a slip and fall accident attorney at Russell & Hill, PLLC. Get started today by calling us at 800-529-0842.

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