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Commercial trucking accidents can be highly devastating, and they often debilitate the victim and cause massive injuries that may even result in death. Truck drivers frequently travel back and forth cross country with massive loads, many of which contain hazardous or even combustible materials. If a driver becomes exhausted and fatigued from driving long hours, the situation can quickly become tragic or fatal for themselves or others on the road.

Here at Russell & Hill, PLLC, we have a team of experienced attorneys that are devoted to assisting our victims in obtaining full, fair compensation for their losses and injuries that resulted from a commercial trucking accident. By working one on one with each client, we are able to develop a legal strategy that is highly focused and effective.

Commercial Trucking Accidents and Dealing With the Insurance Company

The number one goal of ours is that the insurance companies see you as the individual that you are — not simply a claim number. Our entire team devotes the needed time and resources to effectively prove which party was at fault in the accident and appropriately convey the damages related to the commercial trucking accident.

When it comes to a commercial trucking accident, there may be legal responsibility from the trucking company, the driver, or even both. Through diligent evaluation of driver logs, statements from witnesses, maintenance reports, police reports, and all other sources of evidence, our attorneys determine the party who must be held accountable for the commercial trucking accident:

  • Truck driver negligence — The driver may have been distracted or fatigued, violated restrictions of hours-of-service, drove in a reckless or careless manner, violated local traffic laws, or had been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
  • Truck company negligence — The truck company may not have provided effective training to their drivers, negligently hired drivers with DUIs or other criminal charges on their records, placed pressure on the drivers to speed or drive more hours than they are legally allowed to drive, neglected truck maintenance, maintain poor records or even falsify them entirely.

When it is appropriate, our attorneys will partner with accident scene reconstructionists to investigate each detail of the scene of the accident in order to appropriately convey how the accident transpired.

With Russell & Hill, PLLC, we put forward our full effort in holding negligent truckers and their commercial trucking company accountable for any accidents that take place. We seek the maximum amount of compensation for accident victims who’ve been affected by a commercial trucking accident. Additionally, we handle wrongful death cases for the families that may have lost a loved one in a commercial trucking accident that turned fatal.

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