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Injured construction workers will likely have workers’ compensation benefits, but if you have been hurt on the job site, we can help you pursue a third-party bodily injury claim. The third-party claim is in addition to your compensation benefits, and it will ensure maximum financial compensation for your suffering and losses.

Third-Party Bodily Injury Claim

In most cases, those injured in a construction site accident cannot sue their employer. This is because the injured party is covered by workers’ compensation. However, many job site accidents are caused by the negligence of third parties such as contractors or property owners. Defective machinery can also be considered third-party.

If you find yourself injured due to a third party, Russell & Hill know exactly how you can get compensation. It is your right to file a claim against the third party, in addition to the standard workers’ compensation claim.

Construction Site Accident Claims

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our personal injury attorneys have successfully managed a wide range of third-party claims due to construction site accidents. Victims of construction site injuries consistently file successful claims with the help of our attorneys.

In a recent case we accepted, our client was injured while working as a plumber on a construction site. He slipped on scrap drywall pieces, and though he was unsure whether or not workers’ comp laws would let him file a claim, he was able to win damages with the help of Russell & Hill. In our thorough investigation of the case, we were able to prove that the drywall was left by a third-party contractor, not our client’s direct employer. Our client then collected fair compensation for all his injuries and financial losses.

Another successful case involved our client falling an entire story when he accidentally stepped back into a stairwell. After collecting workers’ comp benefits from his employer, he was under the impression that the case was finished and he could not file a claim. However, after a second look, our Lynnwood attorneys determined that the stairwell did not have a railing and that the absence of the railing was the fault of a third party contractor.

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When it comes to handling third-party claims after a construction site accident, Russell & Hill, PLLC, is the most dedicated and effective firm in Lynnwood. Our experienced attorneys will help you recover full and fair compensation for your medical costs, lost wages, pain, and similar losses.

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