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At Russell and Hill, PLLC, we are committed to helping you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. This compensation includes your hospital bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, future medical expenses, and other losses caused by the accident. If you are a victim of an auto-pedestrian accident, you may be confused about your legal options. Driver’s insurance can sometimes refuse to cover all your expenses and losses. What about other sources of compensation?

Protecting Pedestrian Accident Victims in Snohomish

Pedestrians don’t wear any protection, so they are defenseless in collisions involving motor vehicles. Auto-pedestrian accidents often result in severe injuries, which lead to massive medical expenses.

Our attorneys can help you obtain appropriate compensation for your medical expenses. We conduct thorough investigations and consult with medical experts to prove the extent of your injuries and losses.

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Work with Experienced Trial Attorneys

Most auto insurance policies in Washington include Personal Injury Protection, or PIP, which covers pedestrians and bicyclist injured in an accident. We can provide savvy guidance through PIP claims, including bifurcated claims, to make sure you always get the best result.

Our team of qualified attorneys can sort out all your insurance questions, and pursue recovery through the responsible driver’s insurance, or other sources if available. We also represent you in any insurance claim disputes, such as bath faith insurance claim denial.

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There are thousands of pedestrians involved in fatal auto accidents each year. At Russell and Hill, we are aggressive attorneys dedicated to helping pedestrian accident victims in Snohomish County and all of Washington and Oregon. You can contact our pedestrian accident attorneys and request a free consultation by filling out our online contact form or by calling us at 360-996-6023.

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