Social Security Disability Attorneys in Spokane

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our Social Security Disability attorneys are dedicated to serving the Spokane area. We will meet with you in person, talk over your concerns, and discuss how we will achieve the best possible outcome of your case. Once we understand your perspective and goals, we will actively pursue the resolution you deserve.

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Social Security Administration regulations and procedures can be difficult to deal with for those without professional experience in the field. Policies regarding disability benefit applications are complicated. Furthermore, if your application happens to be rejected, appealing that conclusion is extremely hard to accomplish.

Social Security Disability Attorneys in Spokane

If you live in the Spokane area and have a physical, mental, or emotional disability that is preventing you from working, our attorneys can help. We are experienced with a wide range of issues, including:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • The appeals process
  • Expediting the hearing
  • Medical requirements for disability
  • Proving your case for disability
  • Pain, fatigue and hard to measure symptoms
  • ERISA & long term disability
  • Social Security benefits for children
  • Survivor benefits
  • Working while receiving benefits
  • Railroad Disabilities

As you may already realize, the unending legal proceedings, paperwork, and appeals rules can be incredibly stressful and confusing. Moreover, after completing your appeal, there is a chance that you won’t receive the requested benefits. The work is arduous and the results are not guaranteed.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys allow you to place the burden of legal dealings into experienced hands. We will relieve your worry and stress by handling your case from the beginning to the end. Our services greatly improve your odds of receiving benefits when you appeal, as well as reconsideration by the Social Security Administration (SSA).

Personalized Legal Assistance

When we get involved, you can rest assured that we will handle every aspect of the process. We will meet with you in person, become familiar with your circumstances, and come to a thorough understanding of your situation and appeal. By connecting with you one-on-one and gaining an in-depth knowledge of your case, we will be able to prepare a winning case.

Our services begin when you meet with our attorney and end when the case is finished. We will take care of all the complicated, time-consuming details. We will:

  • File a reconsideration request
  • Complete all paperwork
  • Monitor deadlines
  • Prepare for and attend your hearings
  • Hire experts in vocation and medicine to support your claim
  • Help you obtain medical care
  • Fully document your history of medical care and impairments
  • Help you gain access to public programs, including Washington Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) benefits, which assist you financially
  • Work with you and remain available to answer any and all questions you might have throughout the process


Secure Your Chance to Receive Benefits

When it comes to disability social security, do not gamble with your chances to receive benefits. Whether you are struggling with psychological or physical disabilities, proper medical care and documentation of that treatment is vital. Our attorneys are experienced in the field of Social Security Disability and Supplemental Security Income appeals, and we understand exactly what the Social Security Administration (SSA) looks for before approving a claim. After meeting with you and fully understanding your needs, we will prepare a strong and effective case to present to the federal judge. In building your case, we can even meet with medical professionals and providers to obtain evidence that proves your disability.

No Out-of-Pocket Fees

When we take your case, we know that federal laws determine how our attorneys are paid for SSDI and SSI benefits claims. If your application for benefits is approved, the SSA will pay you retroactively. This payment to you will cover fees from the date you applied, and possibly as far back as 18 months before that date. As the law firm representing you, we will receive 25 percent of the payment or $6,000, whichever is less. In the end, the SSA will pay our law firm directly, and you will not be required to pay us a single cent out of pocket.

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