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We would do anything for the people we love, which is why it is so devastating when we find out that someone has abused them. For various reasons, we often have to make the choice to put the ones we love in homes, whether temporarily or permanently:

  • Nursing homes for the elderly and disabled who we can no longer care for on our own.
  • Daycares for our children while we work each day.

The last thing we expect is to find out our parents, grandparents, or children are being abused by the people who should be caring for them. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our team will help you secure the compensation you need in the aftermath. When you need a Bellevue injury lawyer, call us today.

Nursing Homes

There are many nursing homes in the US and around our area. There will inevitably be more and more as the average age of our population continues to increase. What we need to discuss more is elder abuse, something that is all too common in nursing homes.

Elder abuse can take on many forms:

  • Physical Abuse – includes things like striking an elderly person in any way as well as choking, shoving, and more. It also includes sexual abuse. The elderly have no way to fight back against this abuse and often cannot communicate that it is happening to them.
  • Negligence – this happens when the nursing home staff fails to provide for the basic needs of those they are caring for (food, water, shelter, medications, wound care, bathing, etc.).
  • Financial abuse – this happens when the people caring for residents use private financial information for personal gain. It can include outright stealing or even identity theft.
  • Insurance Fraud – if a nursing home bill a patient’s insurance for procedures, treatment, and medications that are not given, this is fraud.

People With Disabilities

It is not always the elderly who need nursing home care. Often, there are those with severe disabilities who need to be placed into homes as well. They can be subjected to the same abuse as the elderly.


Millions of parents across the country rely on daycares so they can work during the day. When we place our kids with trusted professionals, the last thing we expect is for them to be abused in any way. It is up to the daycare facility to properly screen their employees and provide them with training. If a child is abused, both the person responsible and the daycare should be held accountable.

Do You Have Options?

If you have found out that a loved one has been abused by the person charged with their care, contact the police immediately. This will start the process of holding those responsible accountable for their actions. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we will work to make sure that you and your loved one get the compensation you deserve, from coverage of medical expenses, relocation costs, punitive damages, as well as pain and suffering damages. When you need a Bellevue nursing home abuse attorney, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 800-529-0842.

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