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If you are ready to tackle that legal problem, need help with the insurance companies after an accident, or have been denied Social Security Disability:

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“We are here to help our clients. Read our reviews, ask around… Russell & Hill will help you every step of the way. Let us put our team to work for you!”

 – Jim Hill & Matt Russell 

Our attorneys have helped thousands of people all over Washington, in the city of Everett and surrounding areas of Snohomish, King, Spokane and Skagit Counties. We can help you  resolve legal matters involving auto accidents, traffic violations and SSDI/SSI claims and appeals, so you can put them behind you.

Our team of attorneys have earned an incredible reputation for integrity, dedication and positive results in personal injury, criminal defense, and social security disability.  We Have successfully represented thousands of clients with personal injury claims. We have helped get benefits granted in over 3000 social security disability claims, and successfully defended over 5000 criminal and civil cases.

Russell & Hill, PLLC Lynnwood Law Firm
16825 48th Avenue W., 249,
Lynnwood, WA, US (425) 678-2271
Russell & Hill, PLLC Marysville Law Firm
9414 State Avenue, Suite E,
Marysville, WA, US (360) 209-7031
Russell & Hill, PLLC Vancouver Law Firm
4400 Northeast 77th Avenue #275,
Vancouver, WA, US (360) 566-2999
Russell & Hill, PLLC Everett Law Firm
3811-A Broadway,
Everett, WA, US (425) 728-7467
Russell & Hill, PLLC Portland Law Firm
121 Southwest Salmon Street,
Portland, OR, US (971) 277-6240
Russell and Hill, PLLC Spokane Law Firm
1212 North Washington Street #132,
Spokane, WA, US (855) 212-9165
Russell & Hill, PLLC Snohomish Law Firm
1820 Bickford Ave,
Snohomish, WA 98290 (360) 245-6417