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Many of these car accidents occur in the Vancouver, WA area on our freeways, backroads, and city streets. If you’re a Vancouver resident and you’ve been injured in a car accident that you did not cause then you have a legal right to claim damages for the financial repercussions of your accident.

However, filing a claim and dealing with the legal proceedings is a daunting task for those who are not familiar with the auto accident claims process. It’s vital for anyone injured in a car accident in the Vancouver, WA area to contact a personal injury attorney who has the knowledge and expertise to assist them in the filing and processing of their car accident claim.

Assistance from a Car Accident Personal Injury Attorney in Vancouver, WA

If you’ve been in an accident in the Vancouver, WA area, our personal injury attorneys are available to handle your case. From gathering evidence and filing your claim, to interfacing with insurance companies and oversee the claim proceedings, your attorney will relieve you of the stress of filing a car accident personal injury claim on your own, freeing you to focus that much needed time and energy on your recovery process.

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we can guarantee that, by working with us, you will receive more money through your claim that you could receive had you chosen to file the claim on your own. Our legal expertise and understanding of the system are invaluable to our clients.

Our history of pleased and satisfied clients proves our ability to handle your case proficiently and leave you far better off in the end. For more information about our services offered in the Vancouver area, give us a call or fill out our online contact form. You can schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our personal injury attorneys in Vancouver, where we can learn more about your case and answer any questions that you might have. We look forward to hearing from you.

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According to statistics released by the Washington Traffic Safety Commission, across Washington state, a traffic accident occurs once every five minutes. This translates into 105,120 traffic collisions that occur each year on our roadways, injuring Washington citizens and leaving them with personal injuries and property damage.

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