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It is said that a person will get into a car accident, on average, once every 18 years and be involved in four accidents in a lifetime. In 2017 there were over 121,000 car accidents in Washington and 2,347 of those accidents occurred in Federal Way. The majority of car accidents end in minor or no injuries and after some inconveniences like insurance issues and car repairs are dealt with, everyone moves on and life resumes as normal. Unfortunately, as our Federal Way car accident attorneys understand, when car accidents result in serious injuries or fatalities, life does not resume as normal.

Serious injuries may include broken bones, lost limbs, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and death. These injuries can be life changing for injured people and their loved ones. Serious injuries may require short term and long term accommodations, they may affect a person’s ability to work, and when a fatality occurs, loved ones are left devastated and overwhelmed with distress. This is why our car accident attorneys are compassionate about the work that we do; we want to make sure that car accident victims and their families are compensated for injuries and damages caused by someone else.

Washington car accident recovery

When you are injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you are entitled to compensation for your injuries and damages that may include the following:

  • Property damage such as your car and other personal belongings that were damaged or destroyed in the accident.
  • Medical bills incurred due to accident injuries including ongoing and future medical bills.
  • Lost wages for missing work due to car accident injuries.
  • Pain and suffering caused by your accident injuries.
  • Recovery for disability or disfigurement caused by the car accident.
  • Emotional trauma such as depression and posttraumatic stress disorder due to the accident and injuries you sustained.
  • Loss of affection or companionship due to injuries.
  • Loss of future earning capacity when the car accident has left you with a disability that prohibits you from working or from working to the capacity that you would have been able to work had you not sustained the injury.

Wrongful death and survival actions

Depending on the circumstances of the accident, sometimes loved ones may be compensated for a car accident fatality through a wrongful death claim and/or survival action. Wrongful death claims are intended to compensate close family members for the losses they sustained in losing their loved ones. Survival actions are meant to compensate the decedent’s estate for injuries and damages he or she sustained as a result of the accident.

If you or a loved one has been inured in a car accident caused by someone else’s fault, contact Russell & Hill, PLLC to schedule a consultation with a Federal Way car accident attorney. Our attorneys are compassionate advocates who want to see that you and your family are compensated for injuries caused by a negligent driver. Our attorneys will investigate your accident, compile evidence to strengthen your case, negotiate with insurance companies for a full and fair settlement, and when insurance companies are being unreasonable in their negotiations, we will take your case to trial.

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