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Construction workers account for one in five deaths in the construction sector, according to the Occupational Health and Safety Administration. Construction work is not just hard labor; it’s also very dangerous. Construction site accidents are commonplace, with hundreds of thousands of accidents reported each year. Both men and women working in the profession face daily perils on every job site. The nature of this type of work generally lands the entire profession on a slew of different “world’s deadliest” jobs lists. And it’s not hard to understand why—employees are working in hard jobs, usually outdoors, using heavy equipment and sharp tools, oftentimes at great heights and many times with minimal training or oversight. This is a recipe for disaster. If you have been injured in a construction site accident, then you need to contact our Auburn legal team to preserve your right to file a claim for compensation.

Following a construction site accident, it is likely that you have a ton of questions and very few answers. Who do you hold liable for the injuries you sustained? Should you file a worker’s compensation claim? What options are on the table for you? Our experienced Auburn construction site accident attorney can help you find the answers you need and fight for your rights as an accident victim.

Dangers of Construction Jobs

Perils abound on most construction sites. One walk through the average construction job site and you’ll find dangers around every corner. Preventing serious injuries and deaths on the job site means that scaffolding, wiring, planking and supports are not just properly installed and secured, but also used in the manner in which they’re intended in order for workers to stay safe. With hundreds of Washington deaths each year due to construction-related accidents and thousands of others injured severely, safety can’t be too stringent. Common scenarios where construction accidents occur include:

  • Trauma when workers are struck by falling objects, including tools and materials
  • Falls, including falls from multiple-stories and same-level fall injuries
  • Machinery or power tool malfunctions that cause lacerations, cuts and even amputations
  • Hazardous chemicals causing fires and explosions
  • Vehicles and forklifts crushing employees between two surfaces
  • Heat causing exhaustion and stroke
  • Collapses in buildings and trenches
  • Chemical exposure causing damage to the respiratory system
  • UV light causing ocular injuries

Among all reported fatalities in construction, falls are the most common, followed by being struck by a falling object, electrocuted or caught between material, equipment or machinery.

Construction Site Accident Liability

While liability is sometimes clear in a construction accident, that is generally the exception, not the rule. There are typically numerous at-fault parties, especially on large job sites. The blame for the accident may fall on the site’s owner, general contractors, subcontractors, architects, engineers, or even the supplier of building materials. Construction management companies and equipment manufacturers can likewise be liable. An experienced attorney can help identify fault and liable parties and seek out the compensation you deserve.

Call Russell and Hill today to discuss your construction site accident case. Our Auburn construction site attorney can answer your questions and devise a plan for moving forward with your claim.

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