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Your entire career, you have been working and paying into “the system”—the Social Security system—and now you’re disabled and can’t work. You’re ready to collect the benefits that you’ve been told would always be there if you needed them. But the government puts up a myriad of roadblocks to make it difficult to collect the disability benefits to which you are entitled. Red tape galore exists when you are trying to convince the Social Security Administration that you’re unable to perform any sort of gainful employment activity. If you are disabled and find yourself unable to work, then you need to reach out to Russell and Hill to discuss your situation. Our Social Security disability attorneys have helped thousands of people win their disability cases and begin collecting the money that they’re entitled to under the law.

Who Qualifies for Social Security Disability?

Workers and their families who meet eligibility criteria may receive Social Security disability payments each month. The first of these requirements is that you must have paid FICA taxes to the Social Security program. You must also have worked long enough to qualify; you must have at least seven years of work history, with at least five of those years within the previous 10. These requirements are slightly different depending on the number of work credits that you have attained over the years. The scenario above applies to a person who becomes eligible under the age of 50.

You must also have a disability that is recognized by the Social Security Admi9nistration. The disability must be total and it must be severe and long-term or expected to end in your death. Long-term, under SSA rules, simply means that it has persisted for at least the past year. Severe means that your condition causes interference in your ability to perform your job or any similar job in the national economy for which you are qualified and trained.

A total disability is one that prevents you from performing what the SSA calls substantial gainful activity, or SGA, for one year or longer. As of this writing, if you are working and making more than $1,180 per month, then SSA considers you to be capable of performing a substantial gainful activity, and you would not meet the requirements.

What if You’ve Been Turned Down?

Even if you’ve been turned down before, it is not an indicator that you will not win your case on appeal. In fact, most people are turned down two or even three times before winning their approvals. A competent Social Security disability attorney can help present the medical evidence in your claim in its most compelling light.

Who Can Help?

As soon as possible following the development of your disabling condition, contact our law offices to discuss your potential to collect Social Security disability benefits. Our Bremerton Social Security disability attorneys understand the nuances involved in the claim process and can help you file your paperwork to get the ball rolling. Schedule your free consultation with our legal team now.

We Are Local

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