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If you were involved in a bicycle accident and reside here in the Spokane Valley, seek out the services of an attorney who will fight for you. Russel and Hill, PLLC, brings with them knowledge and tenaciousness in achieving favorable results for bicycle accident victims.

Our staff of reputable and knowledgeable attorneys are experts in helping you obtain the compensation necessary to cover your medical bills, additional expenses, and any lost wages. But we don’t stop there. We’ll work to ensure that your future medical expenses related to the accident will be provided for, and we’ll vigorously pursue your case for additional compensation from pain and suffering as well as any other losses you have suffered.

How We Protect Victims of Bicycle Accidents

It is frightening to even envision just how vulnerable a cyclist is when contrasted with the size and weight of motor vehicles. Even if the cyclist is wearing a helmet and some protective padding around the knees and elbows, the impact with a moving vehicle can be life-threatening, if not fatal. If you’re the victim of such an accident, here’s how we’ll immediately get to work to assist you:

  • We’ll first make sure that you are receiving all necessary and appropriate medical care.
  • We’ll work side-by-side with your doctors and any medical experts assigned to your care to make sure the complete extent of your medical injuries are documented.
  • We’ll work with law enforcement personnel in Spokane to fully investigate your case so as to determine the exact cause of the accident.
  • We’ll sort through any and all insurance-related questions and seek recovery for all insurance coverages available to you.
  • We’re experts in working through personal injury protection, or PIP claims, including those that are considered bifurcated.

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Russell and Hill, PLLC, are leaders in the Spokane Valley for legal representation of personal injury claims. Should you find yourself the unfortunate victim of a bicycle accident that was the result of being struck by a motor vehicle, we encourage you to fill out our free bicycle accident consultation form or call us toll-free at 800-529-0842. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation.

Bicycle accidents that are the result of a cyclist being struck by a motor vehicle often result in extensive injuries. Aside from the trauma of the accident itself, the cyclist is usually left with a mountain of medical bills and lost time and compensation from their workplace. The last thing they need is to stress over who will pay for their expenses, medical and otherwise, and who will compensate them for the wages they are not currently in a position to earn.

And – let’s face it – insurance companies retain attorneys who specialize in trying to limit the amount of compensation available to a bicycle accident victim.

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