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At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our criminal defense attorneys have defended thousands of Northwest residents against criminal charges. When charged with any crime or offense, it is vital that you contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. The outcome of your case depends greatly on the strength of your defense, and hiring a skilled lawyer will make all the difference.

We approach each case uniquely, analyzing all the evidence, witness statements, and reports, using reliable information to build a strategy. That information may include proof of faulty evidence or improper police procedures, as well as anything else that might help your case.

Criminal Defense Attorneys

Common Criminal Charges

Our Everett criminal defense attorneys offer years of successful legal experience to every client. We are trained and equipped to defend against every form of criminal charge, including:


In Washington, a person can be arrested convicted of driving under the influence of alcohol if they have a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .08% or higher. Drivers in this state can also be charged with DUI if they are under the influence of any intoxicating drug. Those under the age of 21 can face DUI charges if they have a BAC above .02%. (RCW 46.61.504). DUI charges are complex and require immediate consultation with us after arrest as there are steps such as the DOL Hearing that will require representation right away.


Felonies are the most serious charges that a person can face in Washington. Class A felonies are the most severe and can carry lifetime prison sentences and fines of up to $50,000. Class B Felonies can carry prison sentences of up to 10 years and fines of up to $20,000. Class C felonies carry sentences of up to five years with fines of up to 10,000 dollars. Felony charges include offenses such as murder, rape, burglary, distribution and sales of illegal drugs, and more. Felony charges can bring about a lot of collateral consequences such as supervision by the Department of Corrections, loss of firearm rights, loss of voting rights, and immigration consequences.


Misdemeanors are often regarded as relatively minor offenses, but the reality is that they can carry significant penalties. Some of the most common misdemeanor offenses in Washington are simple possession of marijuana (under age of 21), shoplifting, disorderly conduct, DUI, and more. A simple misdemeanor can carry up to 90 days in jail with fines of up to $1,000. A gross misdemeanor can carry penalties of over one year in jail and fines of up to $5,000.

Traffic Violations

Traffic violations often come with a range of penalties, including major fines, points against a person’s license, and possible jail time. Some of the most common traffic violations in Washington include speeding, negligent driving, disobeying road signs, failure to stop, failure to yield, improper lane change, improper passing, and more.


There are various types of charges related to assault in Washington, beginning with first-degree assault (the most serious and a felony) which involves assaulting another person with a firearm or deadly weapon with the intent to produce great bodily harm. Fourth-degree assault (the least serious and a misdemeanor) can still result in significant jail or prison time. (RCW 9A.36). The facts and seriousness of assault charges vary greatly and therefore each case will require a unique legal strategy.

Drug Crimes

Across the country, drug crimes account for approximately one-third of all arrests. A person can face arrest in Washington for possession, use, or sale of any illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia. A person could also face charges for the unlawful possession of legal prescription drugs. These charges can be misdemeanors or felonies.

Sex Offenses And Prostitution

Washington law defines various sex offenses that a person can be charged with. This ranges from rape (in a varying degrees) to indecent liberties. Rape is a serious crime in Washington, and those charged face felony offenses that are punishable with long prison sentences.

Prostitution is also illegal in Washington, and this occurs when a person agrees or offers to engage in sexual conduct somebody else in return for payment. Prostitution is a misdemeanor offense in Washington.

Robbery, Theft, And Burglary

Robbery, theft, and a burglary all revolve around taking another person’s property, but they are separate charges. These three offenses differ in their mechanism and seriousness, but are generally considered felony offenses punishable with long prison sentences.

Child Pornography

Child pornography charges in Washington fall under laws designed to prevent sexual exploitation of children. These are serious offenses, and a person who knowingly possesses or views child pornography will face a felony charge punishable with significant jail time (or prison time multiple counts). (9.68A RCW)

Probation Violations

Many people in Washington may face probation in lieu of a jail or prison sentence or after they have completed their jail or prison sentence. The terms and conditions of probation are often strict, which can lead to a person inadvertently violating their probation. A probation violation can result in serious consequences, including a person being required to complete their initial sentence. In some cases, a person faces new charges due to a probation violation.

Domestic Violence (DV)

Domestic violence (DV) is taken very seriously by law enforcement and prosecution. An accusation of domestic violence will almost always trigger an investigation, regardless of whether or not there is concrete proof that a crime has been committed. One of the reasons that Domestic Violence charges are so serious is that a conviction to a DV offense means that a person would lose their ability to legally possess a firearm. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we have extensive experience helping clients have been accused of committing domestic violence in Washington.

Vacate/Expunging Criminal Convictions

Vacating a conviction typically means that somebody who committed a crime sometime in the past could get the charges dismissed as if they never existed, so long as certain requirements are met by the offender. Expungement, on the other hand, means that data from a non-conviction will be deleted from court and law enforcement records. An arrest or charge that did not result in a conviction could be eligible for expungement.

Restoration of Firearm Rights

Anyone convicted of a felony or any crime of domestic violence in Washington will lose their right to own a firearm for the remainder of their life, unless that right is restored by the court of record. Unlawful possession of a firearm is a felony under Washington law. There are certain situations in which a person may be able to restore their firearm rights, but this will depend on the severity and nature of the underlying conviction, As well as the length of time that a person has been crime-free since their release from custody.

Reckless Driving

Washington law classifies reckless driving as a gross misdemeanor this punishable by up to one year in jail or a $5,000 fine. A conviction to Reckless Driving also means a suspension of a person’s license for at least 30 days and three years of SR-22 insurance. Reckless driving can be committed in various ways in this state, including driving while impaired by alcohol drugs, operating a vehicle at a high speed, weaving in and out of traffic, and racing.

Negligent Driving

Negligent driving in Washington is a misdemeanor offense punishable by up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. There are various ways that a person could be charged with negligent driving, including consuming any amount of alcohol or drugs, even if a DUI charge does not apply. Negligent driving charges are often applied when law enforcement officials do not have enough evidence to support a DUI charge.

DOL Hearings (DUI & Habitual Traffic Offender)

Anybody arrested for DUI in Washington will be charged criminally, and they may also be subject to an administrative driver’s license suspension by the Washington Department of Licensing (DOL). However, there are various circumstances aside from DUI charges in which a person may need to request a DOL hearing in order to keep their license. This can include someone who is considered a habitual traffic offender. A DOL procedure is entirely separate from criminal procedures, but an attorney will be able to assist with this process.

Driving with License Suspended

There are various reasons that a person’s driver’s license may be suspended in the state of Washington. This can include not paying fines or fees associated with traffic tickets, procrastination or forgetfulness, DUI charges, and more. Getting stopped by the police while driving when you have a suspended license can result in misdemeanor charges punishable by jail and significant fines, as well as additional conditions regarding a driver’s license.

No Contact Order Violations and Civil Response/Petitions

Violation of a “no contact” order in Washington is usually going to be a gross misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in jail and a fine of up to $5,000. However, a violation could be considered a class C felony if the violation occurred during an assault or an act of reckless endangerment. Whether you have violated a no contact order or exploring ways to get a no contact order dismissed, you need to speak to an attorney before proceeding.

Juvenile Crimes

The Washington Juvenile Court System is designed to handle matters associated only with juvenile law (juvenile delinquency cases). These charges are considered when a criminal violation is committed by a person under the age of 18. However, just because the alleged perpetrator is a minor does not mean that the consequences are not serious. A conviction of a crime as a juvenile could result in a cascade of events that affect that person for the rest of their life. A juvenile crimes attorney in Washington should be consulted by the family of the person accused to ensure the best possible outcome of their case.

Violent Crimes

Violent crimes in Washington are going to be taken seriously and charged as felony offenses. Some of the most common violent crimes that our attorneys help clients with include burglary, assault, robbery, vehicular assault, and vehicular homicide. Violent crimes are those involving some sort of physical aggression, whether that is an assault and battery, robbery committed with a weapon, murder, etc. A conviction of a violent offense can result in lengthy prison sentences.

Hit & Run

Leaving the scene of an accident, or hit and run offenses, in Washington can be defined as misdemeanors or felonies, depending on the facts of each particular case. Hit & Run offenses of the misdemeanor variety carry with them a maximum sentence of 1 year in jail and a $1,000 fine, and depending on the facts, can also cause a 1 year license suspension. However, if a person is injured or killed in a hit and run accident, the perpetrator could face various classes of felony charges that result in possible prison sentences of five years to life. There are many possible legal opitons for defending a Hit & Run charge, so please contact us today to discuss your options.

Harassment (Criminal charges and Civil Harassment NCO)

Harassment charges arise in various ways, including when a person allegedly threatens to cause somebody harm or threatens to destroy the property of another person. Criminally, harassment can be considered a misdemeanor or a felony in Washington, depending on the nature of the case. Additionally, a person could face a non-criminal “no contact” order if it is believed they have been harassing somebody else. Regardless of whether you are facing criminal or civil harassment charges or orders, you need to speak to an attorney about your case as soon as possible.

Why Hire Our Everett Criminal Defense Attorneys?

When you hire one of our criminal defense attorneys, you are guaranteed to receive clear communication from our team. We will work closely with you in order to understand your vision for the case and your desired results. After determining the right course of action, we will manage your case with expert training and skill.

If necessary, our defense attorneys will work with investigators that can analyze the crime and any witnesses that may testify. We are also in contact with expert witnesses that may have access to evidence beneficial to your case. In some cases, this additional evidence may disprove the evidence given by the prosecution or even prove your innocence in court.

Plea Bargain, Trial, or Dismissal

The attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC are excellent at negotiating a plea bargain that works in your favor, as well as eliminating some of the charges set against you. We know exactly how to negotiate with the prosecution, and we understand the process well enough to advise you whether to accept the offer or head to trial. If it is in the best interest of your case, we will not hesitate to move towards trial.

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Our Everett criminal defense attorneys are ready to serve you today. For more information or to arrange a free consultation, fill out our case evaluation form. The defense you deserve is just a phone call away.

Have you been charged with a criminal offense in the Everett area? Whether you’re facing DUI, traffic violation, misdemeanor, or felony charges, the criminal defense attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC are your best defense.

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