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At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our experienced Social Security Disability attorneys will sit down with you to discuss your concerns and determine your goals regarding the outcome of your case. With offices in Seattle, Everett and Spokane, we successfully represent claimants throughout the Everett.

Social Security Administration procedures are difficult to navigate alone. Initial applications for disability benefits are confusing; and if your application was rejected, appealing that decision is even more challenging.

If you are unable to work because of a physical, mental or emotional disability, find out how our law firm can help with issues such as:

The maze of appeals rules, regulations, paperwork, appointments and legal proceedings is stressful and complicated. Additionally, once your appeal is completed, there is no guarantee you will receive your benefits.

Our Social Security Disability attorneys will relieve your stress by handling your case from start to finish and by greatly increasing your chances of receiving benefits payment upon appeal and reconsideration by the Social Security Administration.

Personalized Legal Assistance from Beginning to End

When we take on your claim, we handle all aspects of the appeal process. We will:

  • Meet with you to learn your unique circumstances and gain a thorough knowledge of your situation so that we may put together a winning case
  • Electronically file your initial application, as well as any supplementary appeals and communicate directly with the Social Security Administration on your behalf
  • Monitor deadlines
  • Prepare for and attend your hearings
  • Work with your health care providers to obtain evidence needed to bolster your claim
  • Document your medical care and impairments
  • Remain available to answer your questions throughout the entire process
  • Provide requested status updates to state welfare representatives

Don’t Gamble with Your Chance to Receive Benefits


Whether your disability is physical, psychological or both, appropriate medical care and documentation of your care and treatment are key. We have handled numerous SSDI/SSI appeals, and we know what the Social Security Administration looks for when approving a claim for social security benefits. We will fully prepare a strong and strategized case for presentation to a federal Administrative Law Judge by working with medical experts and medical care providers to prove your disability.

You Pay No Out-of-pocket Fees

Federal laws control how attorneys are paid for Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits claims. If your benefits are granted, the SSA will pay you retroactively from the date you applied for benefits and possibly up to 18 months prior to your application date. We will be paid 25 percent of this retroactive amount or $7,200, whichever is less. The SSA will pay us directly, so that you will not have to pay us out of your own pocket.

Why would Social Security Disability benefits be denied?

Going through the Social Security Disability process can be incredibly difficult, and there are various reasons why a claim may be denied. This can include:

  • Prior denials: In some cases, Social Security Disability benefits applicants will restart the application process after a denial instead of going through the official appeals channels. This will likely only result in another denial.
  • Income limitations: The Social Security Administration will only approve disability benefits for those who are unable to work due to their disabling condition. In general, earning an income will be a disqualifying factor.
  • Failure to follow treatment: If a Social Security Disability benefits applicant fails to follow doctor-prescribed treatment protocols, this could result in a loss of benefits or a denial of benefits.
  • Failure to cooperate: If the Social Security Disability benefits applicant fails to respond to requests for documentation or fails to show up at the scheduled medical exams, this will likely result in a denial of benefits.
  • A lack of medical evidence: Those applying for Social Security Disability benefits must prove that they are unable to work due to their disabling condition. In order to prove this, the applicant will need medical records that show that their disability specifically prevents them from performing work-related tasks. This can include records from your primary care physician. Anytime you see your doctor, it is important to let them know about your disability and how it impacts your work life so that they can document this as part of your official records.

The reality is that only around 30% of Social Security Disability benefits applications are approved after the initial application. Many of the denials revolve around technical issues or medical treatment issues that an attorney would be able to guide you through. Unfortunately, appealing a Social Security Disability denial can be even more complicated than the original application process, and there are stringent deadlines involved.

Why is an attorney beneficial for an Everett Social Security Disability benefits case?

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our Everett Social Security Disability benefits attorneys are able to step in at any point in your application process to help. Whether you or just beginning your benefits application or have already been denied, we want to make sure that you receive the benefits you deserve. We strongly recommend working with our attorneys before you start your benefits application.

Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of how the Social Security Administration operates concerning disability benefits. We will help you gather and fill out the necessary paperwork, monitor deadlines to ensure they are not missed, and ensure you get to the proper medical visits when necessary. We will also appear with you before an administrative law judge if that is where your appeals process goes. If necessary, our Everett Social Security Disability benefits attorneys will consult with medical and vocational experts to prove your disability and your inability to work.

Understanding the nuances of Social Security Disability law is key for a successful claim. Our Social Security Disability lawyers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience, helping us to smoothly handle the complex aspects of your case. This expertise is important in overcoming the challenges in the application and appeals process, making sure every part of your case receives the attention it needs.

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