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Posted on : August 18, 2020Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : SSD

The Social Security Administration offers two programs that provide monetary assistance for those who are no longer able to work due to a mental or physical disability: Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) benefits. While the medical eligibility for each program is the same, there are distinct differences in financial […]

Posted on : August 7, 2020Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : SSD

In order to understand what is needed to prove disability, it is first important to know how Social Security defines disability. There are three key elements to Social Security’s definition of disability. First, a person must be incapable of performing work they have done in the past due to a medical condition. Second, a person […]

Posted on : December 11, 2018Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : SSD

Social Security and Disability law aren’t easy to navigate — so it’s unsurprising that many questions being asked. While we’re always happy to answer any questions our clients or potential clients may have about the SSD process, we would also like to help give answers to anyone who finds themselves asking about the SSD process. […]

Posted on : September 25, 2017Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : SSD

New information on Social Security Disability by: Damian Paletta Government Pulls in Reins On Disability Judges WASHINGTON—The Social Security Administration, smarting from recent scandals, this weekend is set to tighten its grip on 1,500 administrative law judges to ensure that disability benefits are awarded consistently and to rein in fraud in the program. The agency […]

Posted on : November 17, 2016Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : SSD

Fibromyalgia (FM) is one of the most common allegations to appear on a Social Security Disability application, but this impairment can be one of the most difficult to prove in a disability case. It is a debilitating condition, characterized by diffuse pain in the joints, muscles, tendons, and soft tissues. Establishing the Diagnosis: In order […]

Posted on : November 14, 2016Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : SSD

Did you know that your social security benefits can be suspended if you have reached full retirement age, but are not yet age 70. Based off of the Official Social Security website: If you apply for benefits and we have not yet made a determination that you are entitled, you may voluntarily suspend benefits for […]

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