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Posted on : June 2, 2023Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : DUI Defense

A Florida family has been awarded $5 million after their child was killed by a drunk driver. The child, who was 10 years old at the time of the accident, was walking home from school when he was struck by a car driven by a drunk driver. The driver was arrested and charged with DUI […]

Posted on : November 23, 2018Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : DUI Defense

If you or a loved one are facing a DUI charge for the first time, we understand that you will be understandably nervous about what happens next. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our dedicated and experienced attorneys want to discuss what happens after you are initially arrested for a DUI charge. We also want to […]

Posted on : May 31, 2016Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : DUI Defense

There is a ton of miscommunication and misunderstanding out there for citizens in regard to what someone should do when they are arrested for DUI. Everyone seems to get bits and pieces of information from family, friends, the media, and maybe even a DUI attorney, but I’ve found that oftentimes people just flat out don’t […]

Posted on : January 15, 2016Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : DUI Defense

On November 5, 2014, the Washington State Patrol (WSP) rather quietly unveiled the next breath test machine that they planned to use to collect evidence in DUI cases across the state. This new breath test machine is called the Draeger 9510, and it replaces the Datamaster and Datamaster CDM breath test machines, which had been […]

Posted on : February 19, 2015Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : DUI Defense

Do you have the right to remain silent? Many advocacy groups such as Mothers Against Drunk Driving are not happy with a Florida criminal defense attorney, Warren Redlich, who has sparked controversy by designing a foolproof loophole to get through DUI checkpoints and stops in over 12 states. Redlich has created a Fair DUI flyer […]

Posted on : November 3, 2014Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : DUI Defense

Russell & Hill, PLLC has been providing first-class service to our clients throughout the state of Washington for many years. We have extensive experience representing clients in all classes of criminal cases ranging from a misdemeanor, felony, traffic and DUI charges to serious felony offenses. Our DUI attorneys consistently get great results by being relentless […]

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