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A Comprehensive Guide to Work Injuries in Washington

Posted on : November 15, 2021Posted By : Russell HillPosted In : Work Injury

Work injuries can be difficult and complicated endeavors to endure. By recognizing your rights as a worker, knowing which types of injuries to look out for, and understanding the proper course of action to take after an injury, you will better prepare yourself for the collection of compensation following your work injury. Russell & Hill, PLLC is a law firm operating out of Seattle, here to provide you with a complete guide to avoid falling victim to companies attempting to cheat you out of money that you deserve.

Types of Injuries to Look Out For

There are numerous different ways in which work accidents happen to people in southern Washington. While these types of accidents may happen more often to people in industries such as construction or forestry, nearly all careers can see some type of harm done to workers. The class of injury most common may vary by field, but some are much more common than others.

  • Exhaustion, overexertion, heat-related injuries: Over-exhaustion is most common in older workers, occurring most often in transportation and warehousing. Other types of jobs like agriculture in more rural areas of Washington may also see higher numbers of this class of injury.
  • Slip and falls: Again, the older generations are most at risk of experiencing falls and trips. These can happen anywhere, from bookstores to packaging facilities.
  • Contact with equipment or harmful objects: When people come into contact with dangerous machinery or extremely hot materials, they can often sustain serious injuries to extremities, limbs, and the skin. Cuts, lacerations, burns, and more are the most common kinds of injuries to fall under this umbrella.
  • Violently-caused injuries from other people or animals: Oftentimes overlooked, injuries due to violence can be devastating for workers. There is usually a component of intent with these types of injuries and they may even prove fatal. Violently-caused injuries can be caused by aggravation, confusion, or a work environment that is susceptible to contact with wildlife or pets.
  • Exposure to harmful substances and/or environments: Harmful environments and substances can have long-lasting consequences on the health of an individual. A common example of these types of injuries includes miners breathing in poorly-ventilated dust and debris all day.

What Should I Do if I Am Injured On-the-Job in Washington?

If injured on the job in Washington state, there are a number of steps you should take to not only protect yourself but ensure that your future legal claim is successful. Following these steps is critical to proving the injury, drawing a connection between your work and the injury, and seeking appropriate medical care for yourself.

  1. Report the injury to your workplace and request an accident report.
  2. Keep records and evidence of the injury, interactions with other people at work, dates, times, missed days of work, and expenses.
  3. Seek appropriate medical care at a hospital or other healthcare facility, informing them that the injury was work-related.
  4. Contact a Seattle work injury lawyer immediately.

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