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Why You Shouldn’t Hire Just Any Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

Posted on : January 3, 2017Posted By : Russell HillPosted In : Traffic Ticket

Hiring an attorney for a traffic ticket is becoming more and more of a regular occurrence for members of our community. While getting a traffic ticket may not be nearly as serious as a criminal charge, it still can lead to a great deal of unwanted consequences such as losing your license, having your insurance rates go up, taking time off of work to go to court, and having to pay the court money.

In fact, traffic tickets can lead to criminal charges because when people don’t pay these tickets, their licenses will eventually be suspended.

Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

Traffic tickets seem to be more and more common, especially in Snohomish County. Nowadays, it’s difficult to drive down I-5 in this county without seeing at least one person pulled over by a police officer. The chances of getting a warning are essentially non-existent, as State Patrol increasingly try to meet their quotas with trivial offenses.

Officers are trying to increase the number of folks they ticket to the point where they don’t even bother getting in their car to pull you over anymore. Instead, they just point at your car and point you to the side of the road, so that they can grab a couple more vehicles before they hand all of you a ticket.

Help From a Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

As the number of tickets increase, and the busier people get, more and more people are turning to traffic ticket defense attorneys to handle these infractions for them. As the demand for traffic attorneys increases, the number of attorneys getting into the traffic ticket defense practice also continues to go up.

Attorneys who have never practiced in this area before are jumping in to make some extra money. Criminal defense attorneys who had never been interested in traffic ticket defense are suddenly asking for tips and tricks to get these tickets dealt with.

At Russell & Hill, we’ve been handling traffic tickets for years and well before it became the trendy practice area. There is a reason why people with tickets should call us instead of just taking the cheapest attorney available online: experience has made us better at what we do.

Finding a Good Traffic Ticket Defense Attorney

Being an effective traffic ticket defense attorney doesn’t mean just taking the first available option to keep a ticket off someone’s record. Most people don’t want to pay an attorney just to have them walk into court to take a Deferred Finding. A civilian can do that on his or her own.

Instead, pushing the prosecutor to improve the deal, arguing tickets that can be won, and working out creative resolutions that improve the client’s overall result are all things we do on each and every ticket we work on. Every person’s situation is different and every court needs to be dealt with uniquely. We know how most jurisdictions work across the State. We are honest with our clients about the prospects of success in each court, and if we think a person is better off not retaining our services, we will tell them so.

Our overall goal is to not only keep the ticket off your insurance record, but also to get you the best result possible. We know the tricks to get this done in each specific court, and we know this through our experience of working with every judge and prosecutor in this area and beyond.

Work with the Traffic Ticket Defense Attorneys at Russell and Hill, PLLC

By hiring us to help you with your traffic ticket, you can trust that we are going to fight for the best result possible and explain to you why it is the best outcome in your specific case. When you hire a traffic ticket defense attorney you should expect more than just getting a letter at the end with an outcome.

You want someone with experience and the desire to go the extra mile. Call Russell & Hill, PLLC with any traffic ticket in the State. We’re happy to discuss your case and answer questions about what a potential result will look like.

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