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    T1-11 siding defects

    If your house was built with T1-11 siding, you may be entitled compensation.

    Our team has successfully settled every T1-11 claim. Awarding 78 homeowners in Western Washington over $20,000 each.

    • T1-11 siding is a material that has a 100% defect rate in wet climates, such as Western Washington.
    • While you may not see external evidence of it now, T1-11 siding will eventually fail and diminish the value of your home.
    • We can work with you to protect the value of your home and prevent this problem from happening to future home buyers.
    • All attorney fees and expenses are paid for out of the settlement. While it is possible, none of our clients have ever had to go to court.

    Thanks for taking the time to come to this page, the Statute of Limitations is different for every home. Every single month multiple homeowners lose their right to file a claim. Contact us now to protect your rights.

    Please contact us immediately at (425) 698-5279 or [email protected]. A representative of our firm will be in your neighborhood soon and would like to speak with you.

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