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At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our attorneys focus on personal injury, criminal defense, and social security disability (SSDI/SSI) claims and appeals. We have helped thousands of people in the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, and Idaho) resolve legal matters involving auto accidents, personal injuries, criminal matters (misdemeanors and felonies), traffic violations, Maritime Law, Jones Act, and SSDI/SSI claims and appeals.

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Personal Injury Lawyer

The last thing that anybody expects is that they will sustain a personal injury. However, there are times when the actions of someone else can cause serious harm to you or a loved one. Any time a person is injured due to the careless, negligent, or intentional actions of another person, company, or entity, they should be able to recover compensation for what happened to them. It is important to note that there is a time limit, called the statute of limitations, that applies to these cases. The Washington personal injury statute of limitations for negligent acts is three years from the date a person is injured, and for intentional acts it is typically two years from the date of injury. This means that victims of injuries have three years (or two) from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against the alleged at-fault party to recover compensation.

Individuals who are injured due to the actions of another person, should be able to receive various types of compensation for what has happened to them. While each case is different, and total amounts will vary depending on the specifics of each case, our Everett personal injury lawyers help clients secure coverage of their medical bills, lost wages, out-of-pocket expenses, pain and suffering damages, and more.

Personal injury cases arise in various ways, and the personal injury attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC have extensive experience helping clients who have been injured. Please search:

Criminal Defense Lawyer

The last thing anybody expects is that they will be facing criminal charges. However, there may come a time when you need an Everett criminal defense attorney to have your back. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we firmly believe that everybody deserves to have skilled and experienced legal representation when they are facing a criminal charge. If you or a loved one are facing a misdemeanor or felony, it is vitally important to have an attorney helping with your case.

Prosecutors and law enforcement officials have extensive resources to pursue charges against individuals, and you do not want to be left depending on an overworked public defender. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we will handle every aspect of your case. This includes conducting a thorough investigation into the incident ourselves. Our goal is to get the charges against you reduced or dismissed altogether so you can get back to living your life. Our Everett criminal defense attorneys have experience helping clients with various types of cases, including the following:

Social Security Disability Lawyer

Anytime an individual sustains a disability, they should not have trouble securing compensation for the benefits to which they are entitled. At Russell & Hill, our Social Security Disability attorneys have extensive experience helping clients in these cases. We understand the complicated processes involved with securing these benefits, and we also understand how important this compensation is for individuals as they live their daily lives. All too often, we hear from people whose benefits claims are denied. Whether you are just starting the Social Security Disability process or have been denied benefits, we are ready to handle every aspect of your case and ensure that you get the benefits you deserve.

Our accomplished attorneys are dedicated to protecting the rights of our clients, whatever legal issues are involved. They put their skills and knowledge to work for clients, and build on their previous experience as prosecutors and insurance defense attorneys to give clients strong and result-oriented representation.

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