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If the careless or negligent actions of another person have caused you harm and you need an Everett electric scooter accident attorney, we are here to help. You can count on the injury lawyers at Russell & Hill, PLLC to investigate your case. We understand that electric scooter injuries can be devastating, both economically and emotionally. Let us get to work today so we can secure the compensation you need.

What kind of scooters are we talking about here?

We are not talking about those scooters that your kids ride around on the road by the house. Bird scooters and Lime scooters (as well as some lesser-known companies) are motorized, heavier scooters that can travel up to 15 mph.

All a person needs is access to their smartphone, and they can get a scooter up and running. No, riders do not have to have prior experience riding electric scooters and helmets are not required or enforced.

How do these accidents happen?

For the latest reporting year in this state, there were 109 pedestrian fatalities and over 2,000 pedestrian injuries. Electric scooters are going to add to those numbers.

Electric scooter accidents happen in various ways. Often, these incidents are caused due to an inexperienced scooter rider crashing into another person or vehicle. In other cases, a vehicle does not see a scooter rider and slams into them.

We also know that many injuries occur when pedestrians trip over discarded scooters. These discarded scooters are particularly dangerous for older or disabled citizens.

What are the most common electric scooter injuries?

We see a range of injuries as a result of electric scooter incidents, including:

There have even been fatalities around the US due to scooter collisions. The CDC is just beginning to study the rates and effects of scooter incidents.

What can I do following an electric scooter accident?

Please ensure that you seek medical attention following any incident with a scooter, even if the injury seems minor. Insurance companies will use any gap in you receiving treatment as a reason to say the scooter did not cause an injury.

If you can, document the scene with your smartphone and get the phone numbers of any witnesses to the crash. Make sure the police are called so that an incident report can be filed.

Your next steps moving forward

When you or a loved one have been injured in an electric scooter incident, look no further than the team at Russell & Hill, PLLC for help. Our knowledgeable and experienced lawyers are ready to take your case to a successful conclusion. Let us investigate what happened so we can secure the compensation you deserve, which can include:

  • Coverage of your medical expenses
  • Recovery of lost wages if you are unable to work
  • Pain and suffering damages
  • Loss of enjoyment of life damages
  • Possible punitive damages against the negligent party

If you need an Everett electric scooter accident lawyer, you can contact us for a free consultation by clicking here or calling 425-212-9165.

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