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Posted on : October 23, 2015Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Bicycle Accident

Biking has recently risen in popularity as a means of transportation, exercise, and competition in the Everett, WA area. With this increased use of bicycles, there has also been an increase in bicycle accidents. Some injuries are so serious that they demand immediate medical attention, while others only require minor treatment. In fact, many riders […]

Posted on : September 30, 2015Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Personal Injury

When it comes to choosing the attorney who will assist you with filing a personal injury claim, you don’t want to be careless. Finding a qualified, trustworthy, and experienced attorney may take some time and effort, but it will pay off in the long run. The way that insurance companies handle personal injury claims can […]

Posted on : September 25, 2015Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Motorcycle Accident

There used to be a campaign motto for motorcycle safety called Start Seeing Motorcycles. Although we do not see that campaign any longer, it continues to be one of the most relevant safety issues for motorcycle drivers. In today’s fast paced and busy world, people often do not give themselves the chance to see motorcycles. […]

Posted on : September 18, 2015Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Wrongful Death

The grim reality is that every 12 minutes there is a vehicular related death on U.S. roads. Despite our best efforts to increase awareness and safety, too many families receive the news that a loved one is suddenly and tragically killed. Understandably, family members are left confused and grieving. There are times when it is […]

Posted on : September 15, 2015Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Car Accident

After experiencing the pain and devastation of an Everett car accident, many victims and their families are left wondering about the kinds of damages they can claim as a result of the incident. Everett car accident attorneys, such as those here at Russell and Hill, PLLC, can assist victims and their families in compiling a […]

Posted on : September 3, 2015Posted By : Russell & Hill, PLLC Posted In : Car Accident

Following an Everett car accident, there are a number of important questions that begin to surface about how the situation should be handled. Many of these questions will play a significant role in determining whether the victims of the accident will be able to obtain full and fair compensation for their damages. Here are seven […]

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