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DUI charges need to be treated very seriously, as they often present penalties that are worse than a felony charge. Because of this, you need a lawyer on your side with the right experience and background to handle your case.

DUI Penalties

There are many penalties that can stem from getting a DUI conviction. The main penalty people receive is getting their driver’s license suspended or ultimately revoked if they have had multiple DUIs. Along with the license suspension, you may only receive it back under special conditions, such as taking out high-risk SR-22 insurance and having an ignition interlock device installed in your vehicle.

You can also receive jail time or have to pay large fines as well as having a criminal record attached to your name. That criminal record can hurt your chances of finding future employment and also make it difficult to cross the Canadian border in the future, which is especially detrimental to residents in the greater Snohomish area.

DUI Attorneys Defense Strategy

The stress involved with getting a DUI can be overwhelming and leave you feeling emotional and guilt-stricken. We want to help you because we understand what you’re going through and have the experience to defend your case.

Our DUI defense strategies include going through all the evidence thoroughly. We need to understand how all the field sobriety tests were administered and how well-trained the officer who administered them was. This will determine to us whether they went through the right procedure or if there were any missing pieces. We also want to know whether you were on any medications when they were administered, as some prescriptions can alter the outcome of the tests.

Sometimes, the BAC testing material or simulator solutions in the Datamaster aren’t working and present the wrong information. We check the actual tester to see if it was in working order when you were given the test. We also work with you and advise you on how to deal with police interrogation. Police have very specific interrogation techniques that they use to get an answer from you and it can be easy to not notice them or to succumb to the pressure of answering the way they want you to. We can help you so you do not further incriminate yourself.

These steps are important because we can see any violations of your rights that may have occurred during your arrest. There could be faulty evidence or illegal police procedures that occurred, which will help us with your defense.

How Our DUI Attorneys Can Help

We are going to help you every step of the way. We can help negotiate a plea bargain and, if possible, eliminate some of the DUI charges depending on what we find through the evidence. If going to trial is ultimately in your best interest, we will defend you.

We want you to be able to come out the other side of this charge with your head held high and the ability to start fresh. We can help you retain your driver’s license, get your DUI dismissed, or at the very least, get the charges lowered and present other types of sentences instead of jail time. That could be community service, work release, or alcohol abuse treatment.

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Getting charged with a DUI in Snohomish can be a very distressing ordeal. If you are facing this situation, please contact Russell & Hill, PLLC and complete our Free DUI Evaluation form for a free consultation.

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we have a team of experienced DUI attorneys who can defend you against your drunk driving charges. We can also represent you if you’ve been charged with an underage DUI, felony DUI, or other drug possession charges.

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Everett Spokane Vancouver Marysville Spokane Valley
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