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A dog is a man’s best friend right? Unfortunately, dog bites are also a reality. Dog bites are very dangerous and can lead to unfortunate injuries. Sometimes these attacks are mutilating, debilitating and sadly, even lethal. About 16 people are killed each year as the result of a dog attack, and one out of five dog attacks requires medical attention. Approximately 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Understanding Dog Bite Claims in Coeur d’Alene

Injuries due to dog bites can be sizable enough to require reconstructive surgery in order for the damage to be repaired, and can require multiple surgeries. As a result, you may be swamped in medical bills because of the dog attack in Coeur d’Alene.

During this devastating time, you may have concerns regarding the liability of the dog attack. You may wonder who is liable for these attacks and if a personal injury claim can be filed. It is advised to seek the assistance of a personal injury attorney, and we can help you with your dog bite claim.

Dog Bite Laws

There are laws put into place in Coeur d’Alene to protect and cover you in the instance that you are bit by an owned dog. Idaho law holds dog owners accountable. A dog owner is liable for their dog’s attack; they can be ordered to pay all of the medical bills pertaining to their dog’s attack, including future medical bills that result from the dog bite. What does this mean if you are bitten or attacked by a dog?

  • The owner of the dog is liable for the injury regardless of the dog’s past history.
  • People who are aware of their dog’s aggressive behavior are responsible for the injuries caused by the attack. The liability can be expanded due to their knowledge of the aggressive dog.
  • The owner is liable for injuries due to their own negligence. They may have failed to discipline, correct or even feed the animal.
  • Leash law violations or violations of other animal control laws can demand liability of the person in possession of the dog.

Dog Bite Injuries

Injuries caused by dog bites can be severe. Some victims suffer from disfigurement, and there can be permanent damages such as scarring, nerve damage, infection and even disability. The nerve damage caused by a dog bite can cause chronic pain, pain which can be consistent and affect the victim’s everyday life. There may need to be an ongoing treatment for the injuries.

The necessary medical treatments that may be necessary in the result of a dog bite can be extensive. The victim may need treatment for infections, reconstructive surgery, or physical therapy.

Frequent dog attack injuries include:

  • Scrapes
  • Bruises
  • Lacerations
  • Puncture wounds
  • Orthopedic
  • Psychological trauma

The psychological trauma caused by a dog bite is not often considered, but it is a reality. Many people often develop a strong fear of dogs after they have been attacked by one.

Dog Bites and Children

Children are among the most frequent dog bite victims: dog attacks are one of the leading reasons children are taken to the emergency room. Children between the ages of five and nine are at the highest risk for dog bite injuries, due to their lack of knowledge regarding proper handling and play with dogs. Children age four and under suffer the most severe effects of dog attack injuries, often to the neck and head.

We have experience working with many dog bite victims. We understand the complexities of the laws regarding these types of injuries. If you or your loved one has suffered a serious injury in Coeur d’Alene due to a dog attack, please contact a dog bite injury attorney at Russell & Hill, PLLC to receive justice. We can help recover compensation for medical costs as well as pain and suffering.

Dog Bite Injury Compensation

The compensation a victim can receive from the results of a dog attack vary. It depends on the severity of the attack and the severity of the injuries themselves (including psychological). You should expect some compensation for:

  • Emergency room and urgent care medical treatment
  • Surgeries or other repair procedures, including plastic and reconstructive surgeries to repair scars and disfigurement
  • Physical therapy, massage and other recovery treatment for pain management
  • Psychological counseling to begin healing the mental and emotional trauma that the attack has caused
  • Loss of wages and earnings
  • Property damage in Coeur d’Alene, including but not limited to clothing
  • Necessary medications and vaccinations
  • Pain and suffering

Family Members Compensation

If a family member was present or witnessed the dog attack, they may be compensated by a bystander claim. A bystander claim is filed when the family member suffers emotional distress due to witnessing a dog attack their loved one.

Other claims can be made for instances that result from a dog attacks. A loss of consortium claim can be filed by a spouse if there is debilitation. A family member may file a wrongful death claim if the dog attack results in death to the victim.

Special Circumstance Compensation

Dog attacks are always unexpected. This means that planned events can suffer due to the unfortunate circumstances of dog bite injuries. This is when special consideration compensation comes into effect. Here are a few examples of these circumstances:

  • Prepaid vacations
  • Job training
  • College expenses

These special circumstances may be difficult to handle and pursue. It is important to have an experienced attorney handling these cases for you in Coeur d’Alene.

Compensation Estimation

It is difficult to estimate the amount and types of compensation you are eligible to receive after a dog attack. The knowledge and experience of a dog bite injury attorney is very valuable in this difficult situation. The seasoned attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC, can help you receive your deserved compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering.

Dog Bite Injury Liability and Payment

Dog attacks are unfortunate and complex. The owners of the dog will experience negative results as well. You may have been attacked by your friend or family member’s dog, and do not wish them any harm or financial burden. However, you are suffering and deserve justice.

You will be happy to know that the dog owner may be covered by insurance. Though the owner is the liable party, they can be covered for the attack by one of the following:

  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Renter’s insurance
  • Commercial insurance
  • Car or motor vehicle insurance, if the attack was made in or near the vehicle while the dog was in the vehicle
  • Employer’s insurance, covering employees

When insurance can come into effect, you do not need to worry about the liable party – you can receive the compensation you deserve.

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