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If you have been recently injured in a motorcycle accident in the Spokane Valley, you are not in this alone. Get immediate assistance from one of our tactful, aggressive, and experienced lawyers today. We specialize in cases that include:

Because of the force, speed, and physics that are involved in motorcycle accidents, they tend to result in catastrophic and even fatal incidents. Most motorcycle accidents result in the motorcyclist being jettisoned from their bike into traffic or being struck directly by another vehicle. Many motorcyclists are victims in such incidents, and the results of these accidents can create profound and lasting physical, emotional and psychological damage.

Injuries that scar victims of a motorcycle accident can change them for life, and may require months, years, or a lifetime of rehabilitation. At Russell and Hill, PLLC, we are fully committed to helping our clients in the Spokane Valley recover full and fair compensation for the losses and injuries associated with their motorcycle accident.

Don’t Let Your Loss Be Neglected

Insurance companies get thousands of motorcycle accident claims every year, and it is easy for your case to get lost in the shuffle without proper representation. It is our job and duty to make sure that your case is never ignored, and that the insurance companies give you the compensation you deserve.

At our firm, we devote all the resources and time necessary so that we can rightly prove fault in the case of your accident. We work with accident scene reconstruction specialists to determine the details of your accident. They take in all presents evidence present at the scene to examine the cause of the accident. If one or more parties are responsible for your accident, we will pursue compensation from all parties that are liable. We will also handle wrongful death claims for those of you who have lost a family member in a motorcycle accident.

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The attorneys at Russell and Hill, PLLC, have an outstanding reputation in Washington State when it comes to motorcycle accident law. We proudly serve the Northwest and are ready to take your motorcycle accident case in the Spokane Valley.

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