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Wrongful death situations are emotionally challenging, so it’s always recommended to have professional, understanding legal representation. When the accident is analyzed, and all variables that may have caused the accident are taken into account, you will find that having an experienced attorney by your side in invaluable. This will give your wrongful death personal injury claim more chances to succeeding and holding the right party accountable.At Russell & Hill PLLC, we always have our client’s best interest in mind. We operate in a meticulous way, handling your case with care and keeping you well-informed. Our professional attorneys understand the emotional aspect of your case, so we try to relieve you from the majority the work throughout your claim.

What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit?

A wrongful death lawsuit can be filed against a party who is liable for another person’s death. Immediate family members, or relatives of the deceased person’s estate can file a claim as a civil action against an individual, company, or any party responsible for the accident. Surviving family members and relatives may be able to claim compensation for the loss and suffering caused by the accident that caused their loved one’s death.

What Happens if You Decide to File a Wrongful Death Claim in Marysville?

If the accident that causes an individual’s death is not his or her fault, but rather occurred as a result of another party’s negligence, the responsible party must compensate the deceased person’s family with monetary remuneration by law. This compensation is meant to equitably recompense the family of the deceased for the life that was lost, and any other expenses that came as a result of the fatality.

When you file a wrongful death personal injury claim, we ask the responsible party to compensate the family of the deceased individual for pecuniary (or financial injury) that occurred as a result of the person’s death. Pecuniary damages may include pain and suffering compensation, medical bills, loss of life’s enjoyment, loss of future earnings, punitive damages, and funeral and burial expenses. In some cases, other non-economic damages can also be awarded.

At Russell & Hill PLLC, our team of experienced wrongful death attorneys can help you formulate a persuasive and substantiated claim to hold the responsible party accountable for the compensation you deserve. Together, you and our experienced attorneys can claim justice for the life that was lost.

Who Can Claim Damages from a Wrongful Death in Marysville?

The State of Washington is governed by a general wrongful death statute, which dictates the actions that the deceased individual’s family or relatives may take. The surviving relatives, also referred to as statutory beneficiaries, are requesting for compensation for their loved one’s death, similarly to the same way the individual would have done is they had survived the accident.

First Tier Beneficiaries

Washington State works under a “two-tier” system for surviving family members hoping to get a recompense for the wrongful death. The first tier is composed of the deceased individual’s immediate family members: spouses, registered domestic partners, and/or children. Domestic partners must be legally recognized as such, and spouses must be married to the individual at the time of their death.

If both first tier and second tier beneficiaries exist, only the first tier beneficiaries will be able to claim compensation for the deceased individual’s estate.

Second Tier Beneficiaries

If there are no first tier beneficiaries, second tier beneficiaries can claim the rights to compensation. Second tier beneficiaries include parents and siblings, however, or any of them to qualify to receive compensation they must be financially dependent on the deceased’s at the time of their death. In other words, siblings and parents need proof that they were dependent on their loved one before they passed away.

This means, however, that if the deceased individual was single, childless, and not supporting any family members at the time of their death, surviving relatives will not be able to claim compensation for the wrongful death case.

At Russell & Hill PLLC, we focus on helping you receive the compensation you rightfully deserve after the death of a loved one. Our qualified team of professional attorneys have vast experience working with wrongful death claims, and are more than capable of guiding you through this difficult situation. For more information on wrongful death claims, contact Russell & Hill PLLC today. You can reach us at 360-996-6023 or by filling out our online contact form. Give us a call today!

Although all personal injury cases can be a hardship, none are more devastating than wrongful death claims. To suffer the loss of a family member as a direct result of an accident or intentional negligence is extremely difficult. The heartbreak that follows is almost unbearable, especially if the fatality could have been prevented.

Surviving relatives often feel that they should take action and hold the responsible person accountable for such a tragedy. Families understand that their loved one would have supported an effort to establish justice if the tables were turned. But the question remains the same: what exactly can you do?

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