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3 Reasons To Hire An Everett Car Accident Attorney

Posted on : December 4, 2018Posted By : Russell HillPosted In : Car Accident

There are thousands of traffic accidents in Everett every year. Many of these are minor incidents, while others leave victims with severe, long-term injuries that demand advanced surgeries and years of therapy, all at very high costs.

Personal injury law

Many car accident victims don’t know what an attorney can do for them. By submitting a personal injury claim, accident victims can increase their chances of receiving full and fair compensation for their injuries and make sure all their bills are either paid, reduced or waived entirely.

Unfortunately, many people have tried to file a personal injury claim without the assistance of an attorney. In the end, their claims are often defeated by insurance companies, their bills pile up and their financial conditions worsen.

Everett auto accident victims can avoid these unfortunate circumstances by contacting an Everett car accident attorney. There are several important reasons why contacting a professional attorney can be a wise and beneficial move.

  1. Attorneys Are Educated
    In order to become a personal injury attorney, students must devote years to studying the legal system and learn how to prepare, file, and defend claims. Attorneys who focus on the personal injury field have expert knowledge of all the laws and guidelines that are relevant to their clients’ cases. Everett car accident attorneys with this type of expertise and training are incredibly valuable to your personal injury claims success. They have the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to successfully prepare and defend a victim’s claim. Personal injury attorneys are equipped to help victims with a variety of tasks, including:

    • Filing a lawsuit within the statute of limitations
    • Keeping time constraints met on billing and reporting deadlines.
    • Acknowledging special exceptions.
    • Preparing a case for mediation, arbitration or trial and knowing which is the best venue for you.
    • Negotiating with insurance companies. And they know we are the attorneys that file a lawsuit if we do not like their offer.

    Without the assistance of an attorney, many victims would be left uninformed and unprepared to negotiate their personal injury claim with their insurance company. Victims have recovered compensation for their injuries and losses with the assistance of an experienced Everett car accident attorney.

  2. Attorneys Do the Work
    Attorneys Do the Work Victims can sustain very serious injuries during an auto accident. The road to recovery may be long and hard, so finding a personal injury attorney to handle the legal burden is essential. Car accident attorneys can take on a substantial amount of the work involved in filing a personal injury claim. Finding and collecting evidence, collecting police reports, gathering medical information, listing injuries and damages, and interfacing with insurance companies are all tasks that your Everett personal injury attorney can complete. This kind of assurance leaves victims free to spend their time and energy focused on swift and steady recovery.Here is an example of how your medical bills can get complicated. Often times your medical insurance will refuse to pay a bill because they may not be the primary payor in an auto accident case. The personal injury protection (PIP) on your policy or the policy of the vehicle you are in is typically the first payor. However, if you do not have PIP, you will need to get your auto insurance company to send your health insurance provider a letter indicating there is no PIP coverage so health insurance will start paying bills. If you do not keep up with the process, it may be too late to submit bills to PIP, or your health insurance provider can send your bills to collections, affecting your credit rating. And we all know that making the calls to big companies with automated call services can cause your blood pressure to skyrocket!
  3. Attorneys Will Defend You
    Personal injury lawyer By hiring a professional car accident attorney, victims can rest easy knowing that they have someone equipped to defend their claim. Our Everett attorneys are ready to take their client’s cases to court if the insurance companies will not agree on a settlement. This kind of defense and assistance has helped hundreds of victims find full and fair compensation for their injuries. You may qualify for a personal injury claim if you have recently been involved in an Everett car accident for which that you were not responsible. At Russell and Hill, PLLC, our experienced and aggressive Everett attorneys can help you to gather evidence, negotiate with your insurance company, and file a personal injury claim. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule a free consultation.personal injury evaluation
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