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Defining a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Traumatic brain injuries can be defined as any external force that strikes a person’s head, forcing their brain to shift or move inside of their skull. This often results in damage to your brain tissues, which in turn may cause anything from mild to severe symptoms in the short and long run as well.

Despite the fact that TBIs are often regarded as a problem that only affects professional football players and boxers, it’s becoming more and more common to find people who suffer from serious brain injuries. Many of these come from car collisions and other accidents, and finding an experienced traumatic brain injury attorney can help you get the medical assistance you need.

It’s worth noting that the severity of the injuries and symptoms vary tremendously depending on the gravity of the blow. While some traumatic brain injuries may result in short-term problems that are treated with general medication, others can change people’s lives in a matter of seconds. Some short-term effects of traumatic brain injuries include, but are not limited to:

  • Headaches
  • Sensory issues like ringing ears and blurred vision
  • Balance problems
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Slight memory problems
  • Nausea
  • Momentary speech problems
  • Disorientation

Medical experts are beginning to decipher the impact of severe brain injuries and how they affect your entire body. These injuries may sometimes result in acute and chronic conditions that require extensive medical attention beyond the rehabilitation phase. Severe short and long-term problems caused by a brain injury can include:

  • Complete loss of consciousness
  • Persistent headaches or migraines
  • Convulsions and seizures
  • Loss of coordination
  • Clear fluid flowing from nose or ears
  • Weak limbs
  • Numb toes and fingers
  • Aggressive or agitated behavior
  • Repeated vomiting
  • Dilation of one or both pupils
  • Loss of memory

Parts of the Brain that May Be Affected By a TBI

Traumatic injuries can be devastating, but the effect of a brain injury depends heavily on the force of the impact and the part of the brain that’s affected. Even though many types of injuries can be easily diagnosed, others affect parts of the brain that are not as easily tested.

One of the most commonly overlooked problems caused by TBIs are injuries to the pituitary gland and stalk. The pituitary gland itself produces and regulates hormones throughout your body, while the stalk connects it to the hypothalamus and the rest of your body.

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Blows to the head or whiplash may damage either the gland or the pituitary stalk, which may cause hormonal imbalances and subsequent conditions such as hypopituitarism.

What Can Cause a TBI?

Traumatic brain injuries can come as a result of any direct or indirect blow to the head. Studies suggest that between 30% and 50% of car accidents result in a TBI.

People involved in car accidents usually suffer brain injuries even if their head doesn’t come into contact with anything, as the whiplash effect forces the brain against the inside of the skull.

This effect can cause tissue damage and stretch the nerve cells that connect your brain and coordinate bodily functions. Not only this, but TBI can also affect other parts of your brain like the pituitary organs. The most common causes for TBIs include:

  • Auto collisions
  • Direct impacts with blunt or sharp objects
  • Falls
  • Sports injuries
  • Explosions and other combat injuries

Have You Suffered Extensive Injuries from a TBI?

There are different tests you can take to rule out damages that may result from a traumatic brain injury. That being said, hypopituitarism and similar injuries don’t show up in MRIs and other standardized tests. Moreover, if conducted too early after the injury, hormone tests may be inconclusive.

In these cases, the best thing to do is to establish a one-year timeline for hormonal testing. This will give your body time to recover most of the internal damage, so pituitary damages become the most likely cause of hormonal imbalances.

Once detected, hormonal imbalances may be treated through continuous medication in order to improve the life quality of the affected person.

How a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Can Help You

More often than not, people are involved in auto collisions and other accidents through no fault of their own, many of which result in a TBI. As mentioned before, these injuries may result in short and long-term problems that require extensive medical attention.

Finding a dependable traumatic brain injury attorney in Everett can help you get the compensation you need to cover the costs of your immediate medical care, as well as other damages that come as a result of a TBI. At the same time, the right legal advisor will make sure you receive the extensive endocrinological treatment and testing you require after a brain injury.

At Russell & Hill, we have years of experience helping customers get the compensation they deserve if they suffer from hypopituitarism and other conditions caused by TBIs.

We understand the challenges that people face if they suffer traumatic brain injuries that result in extensive damages, and aim to help our clients make a fast recovery by taking care of all legal aspects of their claim.

Finding a Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney in Everett

Having a reliable traumatic brain injury attorney can improve your chances of getting the settlement you deserve and cover the long-term costs of your medical care.

If you have been involved in an auto accident or any other type of incident in Everett under no fault of your own, contact Russell & Hill, PLLC today.

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There are many reasons why a personal injury should always be taken seriously, especially if they result in a traumatic brain injury or TBI.

From careless driving to simple slip-and-falls, there are many different accidents that may cause a bad injury. If you or a loved one suffers from a TBI, seeking the right traumatic brain injury lawyer in Everett can help you get the compensation and medical attention you deserve.

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