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Posted on : September 25, 2014Posted By : Russell HillPosted In : Traffic Ticket

Know Your Traffic Ticket Options And How To Beat The Charges

Washington Traffic Ticket AttorneyDo you know what to do when you get a traffic ticket in Washington state? As indicated on the traffic citation, you must choose one of three options:

  • Send in payment
  • Request a mitigation hearing
  • Request a contested hearing

You must indicate on the citation what steps you are going to take by checking one of the appropriate options.

Payment Or Mitigation Hearing

In most cases, your plea must be received by the court 15 days from the infraction date. You have the option to mail or bring your answer in person to the court listed on your citation.

If you choose “payment” or “Mitigation Hearing” it is considered the admission of guilt and the violation will appear on your driving record.

If you request a mitigation hearing, you must appear in court to explain your circumstances with the hope of the court reducing your traffic fine.

Request A Contested Hearing

If you check “Request A Contested Hearing”, this means:

  • You want to contest the traffic ticket with the intention of having the infraction reduced or dropped completely,
  • You have the choice of representing yourself or hiring a traffic ticket attorney
  • If the court rules in your favor, the charges will be dropped but you are still entitled to pay court fees and if you hired an attorney, attorney fees.
  • If you are found guilty by the court, you are required to pay your ticket fine, court fees and possible legal fees. You also may have your license suspended, depending on your driving record.

Preparing For Your Contested Hearing

If you choose to contest your traffic ticket, you will be responsible for representing your case to the court. You will need to gather any evidence that supports your “not guilty” plea. If you need more information, you can call the presiding court listed on your ticket for more details about what evidence is admissible.

Hire A Traffic Ticket Attorney

Traffic Ticket Lawyer It is highly recommended that you hire a traffic ticket attorney. The attorney can fight your case by examining the circumstances of your charges, using your prior driving record of responsible driving and other factors to seek to have your charges reduced or dismissed. If your conviction holds, the traffic ticket attorney can argue for probation, monitoring programs and treatment to reduce your sentence.

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, our traffic ticket attorneys, have resolved thousands of traffic ticket violations. It is important to hire a skilled attorney as soon as possible after receiving a traffic ticket.

Our attorneys provide aggressive legal defense against all forms of traffic ticket violations.

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