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If you have been affected by an accident involving a bicycle, seek guidance from one of our fierce, experienced attorneys. We provide legal counsel and service to clients all over the state of Washington as well as Oregon. We have four individual offices in Everett, Portland, Vancouver, and Spokane. Contact us toll-free at 800-529-0842 to set up a free consultation or complete our free consultation form for bicycle accidents.

A bicycle accident can be very jarring and abrupt for the victim. Bicycles are incredibly vulnerable to all other vehicles on the road, and the victims are often left with significant and life-altering injuries. There is often a great deal of concern regarding who will be responsible for taking care of any associated medical bills, lost wages, and other expenses.

Beware of dealing directly with the insurance company. Often, the insurance company only wishes to pay out the minimum amount possible to the victim of the accident.

When you work with Russell and Hill, PLLC, you gain access to our team of attorneys who are wholly dedicated to assisting clients in the recovery of full compensation. This includes compensation for any hospital bills, lost wages, pain, future medical needs, or any additional damages related to your bicycle accident.

Providing Protection for Victims of Bicycle Accidents

Bicyclists are at an extremely high risk in an accident with a car. With the typical car or truck weighing in at a minimum of 4,000 pounds (and often much more), the bicycle rider has very little hope of coming out unscathed on their bicycle, which weighs less than 100 pounds. Cars and trucks also have added levels of protection, including tempered glass, seat belts, anti-lock brakes, impact absorbing front and rear ends, and airbags.

Bicycles offer absolutely no protection to the bicyclist, who often only has a helmet or visibility aids as “protection.” When an accident occurs between a vehicle and a bicycle, the driver is in virtually no danger while the bike rider is at enormous risk.

Consequences of an accident with a vehicle can be severe for a bicycle. Numerous bicycle accidents transpire in Lake Stevens as well as its neighboring cities each year. Hazardous roads such as Bothell-Everett Highway, Highway 2, Highway 99 and Highway 9 all contribute greatly to the statistics of bicycle accidents.

If you are a bicycle rider that has been involved in an accident with a vehicle, we will provide you with our full assistance in receiving appropriate health care by establishing the liable party responsible for the bicycle accident. We will also work with your health care providers to fully convey the extent of your losses and injuries.

Experienced Trial Attorneys Working Directly With You

The vast majority of Washington state auto insurance policies offer personal injury protection (PIP) as the primary means of coverage to injured bicyclists. We can help you understand the PIP claims process, and we can go over any bifurcated claims.

Our attorneys are able to organize all of the issues related to insurance and help secure compensation for your recovery by means of the at-fault driver’s auto insurance, as well as any other available insurance coverage.

We are also able to represent you in any disputes of insurance claims that may come about, including bad faith insurance claim denials.

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