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Dangerous products are continually in the news, and product liability claims are not uncommon. When you bring products home from a store or drive a new car off the lot, you have an assumption that at the very minimum, the product you purchase is safe for normal use. However, that is not always the case. Even though our country has some fairly tough consumer protection laws in place, bad products make it through all the time and end up in consumers’ hands—and devastating injuries often occur as a result. From toys made with toxic materials to medical equipment gone awry, nearly any product has the potential to become dangerous if there is a defect in its design, manufacture or marketing.

Russell and Hill has represented many claimants who were hurt by dangerous products. Our team understands the nuances of product liability law and are ready to help present your case in its best light. Reach out to us as soon as possible following your injury so that we can help you weigh your legal options.

What is a Dangerous Product?

Dangerous products are those that cause a significant risk of injury to the consumers who use the product. A number of people are injured every year as a result of using dangerous products. As a result, products liability lawsuits make up a large chunk of personal injury claims.

Some examples of dangerous products include:

  • Products containing sharp blades or edges, especially when the edges are difficult to see
  • Defective products that have somehow made it out into the general public, such as defective high chairs
  • Products involving high levels of heat, high traveling speeds, or high electricity voltages
  • Products that have poisonous or toxic substances in them, such as toys with lead
  • Tainted or expired foods, such as lettuce contaminated with E.coli or salmonella
  • Food items containing harmful substances, such as DMAA found in energy drinks
  • Restricted or illegal items, such as illegal firearms or drugs

However, some products are dangerous to begin with, such as guns and firearms, or other weapons. Consumers know there is a risk with these items and there are age restrictions on them preventing minors from purchasing them.

Some products that are typically safe may become dangerous if somebody alters or modifies them. Modifying an electrical device, for instance, may increase your risk of shock, and altering a vehicle might make it dangerous to drive, such as connecting a motor to a bicycle. Often these types of alterations and modifications don’t meet health and safety standards, making them an even bigger risk.

Consulting with an Attorney

Consumers have recourse when they are injured by dangerous or defective products. It is your right to hold companies, distributors, marketers and others responsible a poor design, faulty part, error in marketing or other negligence results in injury. Contact our Kirkland product liability attorney right away to discuss your case and determine how to best approach your product liability claim. Set up your no-cost case review now.

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