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Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a serious condition that can have lasting ramifications on your life. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with TBI, you may be facing a long road ahead for recovery, including months or even years of rehab and therapy and scores of medical appointments. Your life may be forever changed. If someone caused the accident that led to your TBI, you have a right to hold that person accountable for your injuries. Our compassionate Russell and Hill legal team has a long history of going to bat for TBI victims, helping them recoup their financial losses and seek awards for pain and suffering and emotional anguish resulting from someone else’s negligence. Contact us as soon as possible following your accident so that we can help you weigh your legal options.

What is a TBI?

Brain injuries are injuries to the brain that are generally caused by trauma to the head. This often happens when the head sustains a hard blow. The brain is the control center of the body, responsible for nearly all life processes, including muscle movements and control. When it is injured, victims often lose muscle control and coordination, they may find it difficult to control bodily functions, and they may even experience other neurological impairments, such as problems remembering things or controlling their emotions. Common types of brain injuries include:

  • Anoxic injuries – When the brain receives no oxygen, brain tissue begins to die. This is seen often in cases of medical error or in viral infections. It may also be due to exposure to toxic chemicals or other substances.
  • This type of TBI is generally caused by impact to the head, as seen in violent shaking, whiplash or even gunshot wounds to the head.
  • Coup-contrecoup TBI – This is a major TBI that shifts the brain from one side of the skull to the other. It can be a devastating injury.
  • Diffuse axonal TBI – Shaking forces cause a shift in the grey and white matter in the brain, causing an imbalance.
  • Hypoxic injuries – Reduced blood flow to the brain or low blood pressure may cause hypoxic TBI. This can be a life-threatening injury and sometimes results from medical errors.
  • Penetrating TBI– When a sharp object enters the brain, it can cause a host of problems. This injury is seen many times in bicycle or car accidents or with explosions.

Traumatic brain injury can be caused by a myriad of different accidents, including motor vehicle accidents, accidents in the workplace, sports injuries, and slip and fall or trip and fall accidents.

Damages in TBI Accidents

Any brain injury is serious. The most serious brain injuries can cost millions of dollars to treat over the course of the accident victim’s life. If you have experienced a TBI, you need top-notch representation to fully recover the damages owed to you. Contact our Kirkland traumatic brain injury attorney right away to discuss your case. Schedule your no-cost evaluation with our legal team today.

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