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Imagine for a moment that you are going about your daily activities, doing the things you normally do. The last thing you expect is for something you use or consume to cause harm to you or someone you love. Unfortunately, there are faulty products that make it to the store shelves each day. While we always hear about the major recalls, there are hundreds more we never hear about.

At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we will work with you to secure the compensation you deserve in the aftermath of an incident like this. Contact one of our Bellevue personal injury attorneys today.

What Can Happen?

Most people do not think of faulty products as being something that can cause them harm. After all, usually people just see on the news where the occasional problem product has caused someone else harm. It has never happened to someone you know, right?

Well, it does happen and faulty products are more common than you think. First, we want to look at the three main factors that lead to a product liability case:

  1. If a product was poorly designed to begin with, it can lead to millions of units of the product being distributed before a problem is discovered. A design flaw should be discovered in product testing, but sometimes is not. Any product we use or consume is subject to design flaws.
  2. When a product suffers from a manufacturing defect, it is altered from its original design and this can cause major harm to consumers. Even if a product works well, a manufacturing flaw can change test results.
  3. Labeling problems can cause major harm and cover many things. First, all products should have labeled hazards, ingredients, dosages, and instructions. If they do not, they can be used improperly. This includes every product we use, from hard goods and foods to medications.

When we look at the government website that tracks current recalls, we can see many objects that we may not expect on there. They span many types of consumer goods and foods. It is a good idea to always know what you are buying for use in your household and keep track of all recalls.

There will be times when companies and manufacturers know that a faulty product is on the market, but do not let consumers know. They should be held liable if that is the case.

When You Are Injured

The task of taking on a company or manufacturer who has caused harm to you or your family may seem daunting. The first thing you need to do is secure qualified legal assistance. At Russell & Hill, PLLC, we understand product liability laws and will work tirelessly to secure the compensation you need, from medical expenses and lost wages to punitive damages. We know that you need to focus on being with your family right now, so let us handle it from here.

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We Are Local

Everett Spokane Vancouver Marysville Spokane Valley
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