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In 2016 alone, there were more than 500,000 accidents involving large commercial trucks reported to police, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. Of those accidents, around 100,000 were injury crashes, and nearly 3,700 of them resulted in fatalities. Accidents involving large trucks, big rigs, semi-trailers and other large commercial trucks can be nothing short of devastating. Many times, those involved are left with permanent impairments and disabilities. If you have been injured in an Auburn commercial trucking accident, then our legal team is ready to fight for you to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Trucking Accident Causes

Big rigs and other large vehicles truly are the bosses of the road—whether it’s a highway, interstate or freeway. These vehicles are massive; most weigh at least 40 or more times the weight of a standard passenger auto. When tons of steel are bearing down on a car or other smaller vehicle, there’s virtually nothing to stop the devastation that ensues. Trucks also have a heightened need for braking space to even slow down when they’re in motion. Some of the top trucking accidents on today’s roadways include:

  • Driver performance. Drivers fall asleep behind the wheel or experience a medical condition that causes them to take their eyes off the road.
  • Driver inattentiveness. Texting or talking while driving, for example, is a huge distraction to drivers.
  • Speeding. When a truck is speeding, it becomes harder for it to brake in time to avoid a collision.
  • Following cars too closely. Not leaving an appropriate amount of space between the truck and the vehicle in front of the truck leads to rear end collisions and other serious accidents.
  • Impaired driving. Truck operators who drive while under the influence of drugs or alcohol have lessened reaction times and poorer judgement, resulting in injurious accidents.
  • Improperly loaded cargo. An imbalance in cargo or an overloaded trailer can cause upsets on the road, leading to accidents.

Injuries from Commercial Truck Accidents

When a passenger vehicle versus a large truck, the truck wins every time. Because of this, big truck accidents leave behind serious injuries. These injuries range from whiplash to head and traumatic brain injuries to spinal cord trauma. It is not unusual for a passenger in an involved vehicle to experience lifelong impairments as a result of the injuries sustained in a trucking accident, necessitating a lifetime of medical care, therapy, rehabilitation and surgical intervention. Even less serious accidents can result in temporary impairments and the need for major medical interventions.

Complex Issues in Commercial Truck Accident Claims

Make no bones about it—when you are injured in a commercial trucking accident, the at-fault party’s insurers have lawyers working on their behalf from day one. The goal is simple: dispense with your claim with the least monetary payment possible. Our Russell and Hill and our commercial trucking accident attorney understands the complex issues involved in this type of claim and can work hard for you to get you the compensation you deserve. Speak with our legal team as soon as possible. Schedule your free consultation today.

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