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Why Hiring the Right Car Accident Attorney Can Be Your Game-Changer

Posted on : January 27, 2017Posted By : Russell HillPosted In : Car Accident

Personal injury attorneys advertise in every possible media type — whether by television commercials, digital marketing, phone books, radio ads, the paper sack that comes with your medications from the pharmacy, direct mailing, word of mouth, and the personal referral of past clients.

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The reason for the vast coverage is that this field is competitive. We know there are many lawyers all claiming to do the same thing. You can review the websites of hundreds of personal injury attorneys and they all say their lawyers are aggressive, hard working, and get the best results for the client.

How, in the face of all of this sameness, can a potential client cut through the noise, get a good deal, and hire the right attorney?

How Can You Choose the Right Car Accident Attorney?

The answer will always be the most old fashioned; you must meet the attorney and decide whether there is a connection. Is this someone you want to share personal information with? Do you trust this person? Is this someone you think will support you through a difficult process? All the advertising efforts made by lawyers do nothing more than create a path to that initial consultation. From that point on, the choice is yours to make and you should not ignore your gut reaction or your experience.

A good car accident attorney will take your calls, respond to your emails, tell you the truth even if it is difficult and not what you want to hear, and he or she will prepare each piece of your case so that it can be correctly presented in court.

What is ‘Good Lawyering’?

What good lawyering means in any particular case varies. Some cases call for a heavy investment of expert witnesses early on to properly obtain and preserve evidence. Other cases do not require devoting thousands of dollars into experts and instead call for building the case through lay witnesses — meaning friends, family, coworkers, acquaintances, and others with knowledge of the injured person before and after the injury event.

In almost all personal injury cases, good lawyering includes competently working with medical professionals such as doctors and therapists. The point is that for your case to be protected it needs to be tended to by a qualified team of people with experience handling personal injury cases.

This means you need a paralegal who knows how to manage a file and the many documents that are part of a personal injury case. And, who can also have the conversations with the insurance companies and with you, in the right way!

Hire a Game-Changer

You need a lawyer who can oversee the process who will ensure that what needs to be done is actually done. The author of this blog post sees it as a primary driver of the work that the truth be made known, even in the face of what can seem like overwhelming adversity. Making the truth known is fundamental and a core value that causes this author to represent injured people against corporate interests. In our adversarial court system, there are many clouds that can obscure the truth, and it is the plaintiff lawyer’s job to push them away so the truth can be known.

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