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Many people assume that if they are disabled and cannot work that they simply fill out social security disability paperwork, file it, and wait for benefit approval, so they are surprised when they receive a letter rejecting their disability claim. Our Federal Way social security disability attorneys often have to explain to new clients that securing disability benefits is not a matter of filling out paperwork; it is really a matter of proving their disabilities to the government.

Reasons claims are denied

Social security claims are denied for a number of reasons and the most common denials that we see are listed below.

  • Your disability is not severe enough or will not last long enough to qualify for benefits.
  • You did not follow through with the consultative medical exam per your claim examiner’s instructions.
  • They may deny your claim if you have not cooperated with the disability examiner’s requests for documents or have not responded when they have tried to communicate with you. We know the process may be confusing and overwhelming, but it is important that you work with the disability examiners and we can help with communication and requests.
  • You failed to follow your doctor’s prescribed treatment. This may be a case of you not providing documentation to show that you followed up with the treatment or it may be a miscommunication that needs to be straightened out upon appeal.
  • The disability application was not filled out correctly or completely. There are a lot of steps involved including filing requirements and deadlines. Failing to follow any of the guidelines may result in a denial of an otherwise legitimate claim.
  • You earn too much money. You may still be eligible for disability if you have a job, but if your income is too high, you will be disqualified from disability benefits.
  • If there is fraud in your application, your claim may be denied.
  • You did not provide enough evidence to prove your disability.

How our attorneys will help your claim get approved

If your claim is denied, our social security disability experts will review your application and letter of denial to determine why your claim was denied. Often it is just a case of providing more evidence of your disability. Whether you are applying for disability for the first time or you need to appeal a denial of your application, our social security disability experts can help. We will help prepare a comprehensive summary of relevant medical information including medical records, lab results, and medical professionals’ statements and opinions. If you do not have sufficient medical evidence to prove your disability, we may seek assistance from medical experts to aid in a medical evaluation and any additional medical treatment that you may need.

If you need help with the government disability process, contact our Federal Way social security disability attorneys at Russell & Hill, PLLC to schedule a consultation. Our attorneys want to see that their clients with disabilities get the benefits that they deserve and need.

We Are Local

Everett Spokane Vancouver Marysville Spokane Valley
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