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Do I need an attorney to help me apply for social security disability? This is the most frequently asked question that our Kent social security disability attorneys are asked and our answer is: Yes, you need an attorney that specializes in social security disability who knows how to gather and present your case with necessary records, documentation, and summaries. Applying for disability requires more than filling out the paperwork; you need to prove that you are disabled and unable to work and social security disability attorneys will help you do this.

Helping with your first application

If you have not yet applied for social security disability, we can help you with your initial application to make sure that you have all of the necessary information to prove your disability needs. Sometimes claims are denied due to missing or incomplete information or because your application did not adequately prove your claim. We can help with making sure your first application provides strong evidence that supports your disability.

We will summarize all of your medical information that is helpful to your claim including lab and test results, your applicable diagnosis, and statements made by medical professionals about your ability to work or otherwise function in your daily life. Additionally, we will help you prepare documentation that is related to your everyday limitations and other helpful relative records such as vocational assessments and employment records.

What if my claim has already been denied?

Do not give up if your first claim was denied. Most claims are initially denied and many are approved on appeal. Claims may be denied if you did not follow proper filing procedures such as missed deadlines or not fully completing your application and related materials. Most often we find that people’s claims are denied because they did not put forth enough evidence with their first application to support their claim.

We will help by gathering and reviewing all of your medical records and reports. If necessary, we will consult with additional medical experts and we will help you get proper medical treatment. We will compile a summary of all relative material that supports your claim including any additional information we have obtained from medical experts we have hired and records from additional treatments and evaluations you have had. We will help you every step of the way.

How will I pay you when I cannot work and do not have any money?

You do not have to worry about paying for attorney fees out of pocket. We only get paid if your claim is approved and typically, our pay ($7,200 or 25% of your retroactive disability pay) will be distributed by the Social Security Administration.

If you are suffering from a disability and cannot work, contact our Kent social security disability attorneys to schedule a consultation. Our attorneys are social security disability experts who will work to see that you receive the benefits to which you are entitled. You did not ask for this disability and you deserve to be compensated when you have a disability that renders you incapable of working.

We Are Local

Everett Spokane Vancouver Marysville Spokane Valley
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