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There are many potential ways you could be harmed in a slip and fall or similar type of accident on someone else’s property. Premises liability laws exist to require that property owners (and extensions/representatives of ownership, such as a store owner’s employees) take reasonable steps to prevent such accidents.

Property owners have a legal duty to actively monitor for hazards that can put guests in harm’s way. When a property owner becomes aware of a hazard, they must either eliminate it or take steps to ensure all those with a legal right to be on the premises are aware of the hazard as well.

Not all property owners fulfill this duty. You may have been injured in an accident because a property owner was careless and didn’t address hazardous conditions as they should have.

Review your case with a Lynnwood, Washington premises liability attorney at Russell & Hill, PLLC if you have any questions about whether your injuries were caused by the negligence of a property owner. A member of our team will go over the details of your case and determine if you have grounds to seek financial compensation for your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses resulting from your accident.

Examples of Lynnwood Premises Liability Cases

The following are a few common examples of accidents that can occur when property owners are negligent:

  • Guests at a business trip over unseen obstructions in the parking lot at night because the property owner never installed adequate outdoor lighting
  • A restaurant customer slips over a recently mopped floor because the employee who mopped it did not put up a sign indicating it is still wet
  • A grocery store customer trips over items left on the floor that should have been returned to their shelves
  • Guests at a business or other such property are harmed in a fire that occurred because the property owner did not make necessary repairs or upgrades to their electrical wiring

This is not an exhaustive list. If you’ve been harmed in an accident that you suspect would not have occurred had a property owner not been careless, the best way to determine whether yours constitutes a valid premises liability case is to schedule a consultation with experts like those at our Lynnwood premises liability law firm.

How a Lynnwood Premises Liability Attorney Helps

The process of recovering compensation in these circumstances often involves such steps as:

  • Thoroughly investigating an accident to gather evidence proving that it resulted from the unreasonable carelessness of a property owner
  • Accounting for various compensable losses resulting from an accident to determine how much a claim may be worth
  • Filing a claim to recover compensation from the negligent party’s insurance
  • Negotiating with the insurance company if their initial offers are too low, which is likely to be the case

You don’t need to handle these tasks on your own when you should be focusing on your recovery. At Russell & Hill, our Lynnwood premises liability attorneys are on hand to fight for the compensation you deserve while you prioritize getting better. Learn more about how we can help by calling us at 800-529-0842 for a free consultation.

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